TelerikPdfViewer and .msg files

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Toby asked on 30 Mar 2023, 02:00 PM


I have a blazor app which consumes an API that sends documents as byte arrays. 

In the header is the file name, so I can determine what sort of file it is. I am currently using the following:





Which works great, for me to get a byte array that can be used with the TelerikPdfViewer.

The issue I have is, that some of the documents are email messages, specifically .msg files.

There isn't a provider for Msgs, so I wondered if anyone had a work around, to be able to show the file in the browser?
I cannot save the file as a .msg, I can only use the byte array.



Telerik team
commented on 04 Apr 2023, 07:50 AM

@Toby - the way I see it, you can select some third-party tool to read (parse) the msg file, or do that manually, based on the specification. Once you have the parsed content, import it to one of our format providers.
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commented on 04 Apr 2023, 08:04 AM

Thanks for your reply. The issue I have is, the .msg is a byte array, I do not have it as a file saved on disk, so reading it isn't a possibility without saving, which is what I was hoping to avoid. 

It could be that I have no other option, but to save it, and then parse it. I just wondered if anyone had solved the issue, as the Telerik tools are great, in that they allow me to just use the byte array I receive, without the need to save them.

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