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Telerik Reporting Taking more than expected time to Laod
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Sarath asked on 17 Jul 2015, 09:50 AM

Hi Team,


We are using the ReportViewer for process one of our Telerik Report ,But it seems to be taking more time to Display or generate PDF Report file.Attached  analysis details here to show the Time taken to prepare the Report PDF file vs the no of page.


Kindly find the attached Report Design file and suggest the why to reduce the report Processing time.Here no option to attach the Report design page


Kindly Let us know if you need more details





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Telerik team
answered on 22 Jul 2015, 09:01 AM
Hi Sarath,

Below is a quote from my post in your support ticket on the same question:

"...........The provided report uses a lot of customizations like data loading, report layout reorganizations all happening on initializing the report and the report processing. Test moving this logic out of the report by setting data and modifying the designed report at run-time. For example:
//get the report's data
var data = GetData();
//create an instance of the report
var report = new MyReport();
//get the items you need to modify
var chart = report.Items.Find("chart1",true)[0] as Telerik.Reporting.Chart;
//note that the Chart item is obsolete as of Q2 2013 and it is recommended to switch to the new Graph item
//perform the changes here
ModifyChart(chart); //the ConfigureReport method and Detail_ItemDataBinding logic
//display the report
var IRS = new InstanceReportSource { ReportDocument = report };
reportViewer1.ReportSource = IRS;

About binding data, in the aboe example you will have direct access to the data items' DataSource properties e.g. chart.DataSource, and you can directly set the DataSource to the data object (no need to wrap the already instantiated data object in a data source object - chart.DataSource = data;).
If you want to keep the current approach where the Chart item uses the data of the container section, you can use add a binding to the Chart's DataSource set to ReportItem.DataObject.

The above operations will save you time on processing the report as the additional logic will be performed before the actual document processing starts. More suggestions how to improve the performance are available in the Performance Considerations help article.

On a side note, there is no data to preview the generated chart, but it is recommended to switch to the new Graph item. The Chart item is obsolete as of Q2 2013 and not developed anymore. The Graph item provides greater design time support which includes styling per data point, even conditional styling per point, support for expressions as data point labels, and bindings to the axes and other graph properties.
This will allow you to remove the additional logic for the chart generation............"

If you need further help, please let us continue the discussion in your ticket.

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