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    Posted 12 Oct 2019 Link to this post

    Good morning, we have acquired the Telerik package for Blazor and we have the following problem:
    We have a project that uses Telerik + Inspinia, and by adding the script “<script src =" _ framework / blazor.server.js "> </script>”, inspinia stops working. Does not expand the side menu.

    When removing the script, the side menu works but telerik does not:

    By replacing the following in inspinia.js the side menu and telerik work:

    But the submenu does not work, when you click it does not display the submenu:

    Apparently Telerik Blazor is not compatible with Inspinia

    Project attached.



  2. Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 13 Oct 2019 Link to this post

    Hello Javier,

    I have answered your support ticket on the matter where a project was a available. I am pasting my findings here for anyone else stumbling into similar problems (but I will not upload the videos here because I am not sure if they are to be kept private).


    Judging from the description of the problem, Inspinia is a jQuery-based tool, which is not something that Blazor is designed for. We are not familiar with the Inspinia product, as it is not tied to the framework or to our products, and as such we do not support integrations with it.

    Nevertheless, I tested the provided project, and I found the following behavior:

    • the "hamburger" menu never works for me properly, even without the Telerik scripts on the page
    • the submenu does not expand for me regardless of the Telerik JS Interop file (if I leave in the new version of the inspinia script)
      • if I leave the new version of the script, the hamburger menu expands for me, but the URL still gets changed (see the next point)
    • clicks on the hamburger menu send SignalR data to/from the server and change the URL which shows Blazor is doing work in addition to the jQuery manipulations and that probably breaks things
    • if I leave the original script and the Telerik script, both seem to work fine, as long as I avoid clicking the hamburger menu that changes the URL
    • the Telerik JS Interop file is included twice, it must be included only once, for example:
          <base href="~/" />
          @*<script src="" defer></script>*@
          <script src="_content/telerik.ui.for.blazor/js/telerik-blazor.js" defer></script>

    The first four points lead me to believe there is an issue in the layout or in the general integration of Inspinia with Blazor. I suspect that the hash ("#") marks added to the URL may be breaking Blazor, but I cannot be sure of the inner workings of the Inspinia product and what it does.

    I am attaching here two shorts videos of the behavior I get so you can confirm if I am missing something. What I observe is that things don't work well without Telerik scripts either, and the issue seems to be in the hamburger menu itself, other things seem to work fine, with and without Telerik scripts.



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