Single-click editing and automatic row update

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    Hi, my client would like the edit/update experience to be similar to the following:
    1. Click on a single row, edit
    2. Click on another row, last row is updated, edit
    3. And so on

    I've attempted to update the previous row but the newly changed values are not available anywhere I can see after the selectedindexchanged event is fired for the next row. If I understand the problem correctly, I need the equivalent of a "Row_FinishedEditing" event, which, I'm pretty sure, doesn't exist.

    I've also tried a suggested architecture where all rows are in "edit mode" and regurlar updates take place in the background via ajax timer. However, when the timer is fired (although there is no postback) the focus is removed from the cell one is editing.

    Any suggestions or best practices?

    Thanks, Rodney

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    Go through the following online demo.
    Edit on double-click

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