Scheduler UI Calendar bugs?

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  1. towpse
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    Posted 19 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    I'm using version 2009.3.1103.35 and I'm testing in Firefox and IE7.
    Here's my schedule markup:

            <telerik:RadScheduler    ID="RadScheduler1"  
                                                Skin="WebBlue" SelectedView="WeekView"  
                ShowFullTime="True" StartInsertingInAdvancedForm="True"  
                MaximumRecurrenceCandidates="10000" > 
                <WebServiceSettings Path="SchedulerWebService.asmx"  
                    ResourcePopulationMode="ServerSide" /> 
                <advancedform maximumheight="550px" modal="True"  
                    enablecustomattributeediting="True" enableresourceediting="False" /> 
                <AppointmentContextMenuSettings EnableDefault="true" /> 

    For some reason I'm seeing that at times the end date calendar doesn't show up at all when I click the calendar control drop down.  I can only alter the text of the date.
    I've also been seeing that the end date calendar becomes unresponsive sometimes where I can' change the month using the navigation arrows.

    I've been having authentication issues with my web server as well: see this link
    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it. I marked the response as an answer because it seemed like things were resolved on my end but I'm getting that error once again.

  2. Answer
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    Posted 20 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Sounds like being related to this problem -
  3. towpse
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    Posted 20 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Sounds like it yeah.
    I'm going to try the javascript workaround they've posted there.
    I've also been getting javascript errors when picking dates in the calendars that the advanced form uses.

    U on the last line in the following code sample is null.

    }var m=false
    var f=false
    var q=false
    var A=false
    var I=0
    var V=U.rows[I].cells[0].id; 

    I've also been seeing this error

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: 'this.CurrentViews.0.IsMultiView' is null or not an object.
    After the end date calendar gives me the U error the start date calendar gives me this error.

    Here they are as seen in fire bug.

    U is null 
    [Break on this error] var V=U.rows[I].cells[0].id;\nTelerik....:aa288e2d (line 9231) 
    this.CurrentViews[0] is undefined 
    [Break on this error] case"n":if(this.CurrentViews&&!this.Curr...0].IsMultiView){var e=parseInt(a[1],0);\n 

  4. Peter
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    Posted 23 Nov 2009 Link to this post

    Hello towps,

    Can you download the latest build and try with it:

    The shared calendar problem should be fixed so you don't need to apply any workarounds. Let us know if the problem still persists.

    Best wishes,
    the Telerik team

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