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Saving content but getting  appearing

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ric c
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ric c asked on 21 Sep 2008, 06:05 PM


I'm using the following code to save content from my editor:

string content = passedContent
StreamWriter SW;

/* this is the html that is passed from the editor
            <td>test </td>
            <td> </td>
this works fine. However when I view the html file I see  appearing within the content (within the empty table cell etc). When I open the page in notepad and re save using Encoding UTF-8 and the  disappear.
So I have tried:
SW.WriteLine(fileText, Encoding.UTF8);
but I'm still getting the  appearing!
Any ideas as to what’s happening?

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Telerik team
answered on 22 Sep 2008, 09:24 AM
Hi Ric,

Having Â's around means that you probably do not save the file with the correct encoding - or, alternatively, you save it in one encoding, but display on a page with a different encoding. Our suggestion is to check and make sure all is saved with the same encoding.

Please, try the suggestions provided in the following help article:
Appearance of odd characters after saving RadEditor's content in Database.

You can save the ascx file with Unicode encoding using Visual Studio -> File -> Save <PageName> As -> Click on the bottom arrow dropdown button next to the Save button -> choose Save with Encoding -> choose Unicode (UTF-8 with signature). See the screenshot for more information.

You have to also set <globalization fileEncoding="UTF-8"/> in your web.config file.

In case you are not able to get things working, please open a support ticket and send us a working project that demonstrates the issue and we will look into it.

Best wishes,
the Telerik team

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