Reminder dialog not showing even though set Reminder Field

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  1. Philip
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    Mar 2016

    Posted 06 Apr 2016 Link to this post

    Ok So I have got the valarm text saving to db thanks to amazing support here but the reminder dialog refuses to show
    01.<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
    02.                          <ContentTemplate>
    03.                              <div>
    04.                                  <legend>Calendar Layout</legend>
    05.                                  <asp:RadioButtonList ID="rbDisplay" CellSpacing="5" AutoPostBack="true" RepeatDirection="Horizontal" runat="server">
    06.                                      <asp:ListItem Value="1"> Verticle </asp:ListItem>
    07.                                      <asp:ListItem Value="2"> Horizontal </asp:ListItem>
    08.                                  </asp:RadioButtonList>
    09.                              </div>
    10.                              <telerik:RadScheduler OnTimeSlotCreated="apertureAppointments_TimeSlotCreated" OverflowBehavior="Auto" runat="server" WeekView-ShowDateHeaders="true" ID="apertureAppointments"
    11.                                  TimelineView-UserSelectable="false" DayView-UserSelectable="true" AgendaView-UserSelectable="True" DataKeyField="ID" DataSubjectField="Subject" AllowInsert="false" AllowDelete="false" AllowEdit="false"
    12.                                  DataStartField="Start" DataEndField="End" DataRecurrenceField="RecurrenceRule" DayView-EnableExactTimeRendering="true" WeekView-UserSelectable="True" SelectedView="WeekView"
    13.                                  DataRecurrenceParentKeyField="RecurrenceParentID" DataSourceID="EntityDataSource1" StartInsertingInAdvancedForm="True" MonthView-UserSelectable="True" AgendaView-NumberOfDays="5" RowHeight="40px"
    14.                                  RenderMode="Classic" EnableExactTimeRendering="True" Reminders-Enabled="true" Width="800px" Height="1000px" EnableDatePicker="true" ShowHeader="true"
    15.                                  DayStartTime="09:00:00" ShowFooter="false" DayEndTime="18:00" FirstDayOfWeek="Monday" LastDayOfWeek="Friday" HoursPanelTimeFormat="HH:mm tt" OnAppointmentClick="apertureAppointments_AppointmentClick" OnTimeSlotContextMenuItemClicking="apertureAppointments_TimeSlotContextMenuItemClicking"
    16.                                  EnableDescriptionField="true" AppointmentStyleMode="Default" Skin="Metro">
    18.                                  <AdvancedForm Modal="True" />
    20.                                  <TimeSlotContextMenuSettings EnableDefault="false" />
    21.                                  <AppointmentContextMenuSettings EnableDefault="false" />
    22.                                  <DayView EnableExactTimeRendering="True" />
    23.                                  <AdvancedForm Modal="true"></AdvancedForm>
    25.                                  <ResourceTypes>
    26.                                      <telerik:ResourceType KeyField="lookup_code" Name="Managers" TextField="lookup_description" ForeignKeyField="managerId"
    27.                                          DataSourceID="ManagersDataSource"></telerik:ResourceType>
    28.                                  </ResourceTypes>
    29.                                  <ResourceStyles>
    30.                                      <%--AppointmentStyleMode must be explicitly set to Default (see above) otherwise setting BackColor/BorderColor
    31.                          will switch the appointments to Simple rendering (no rounded corners and gradients)--%>
    32.                                      <telerik:ResourceStyleMapping Type="Managers" Text="Natalie Edgar"
    33.                                          BackColor="#512479" ApplyCssClass="appointment" />
    34.                                      <telerik:ResourceStyleMapping Type="Managers" Text="Clare Coyle"
    35.                                          BackColor="#512479" ApplyCssClass="appointment" />
    36.                                      <telerik:ResourceStyleMapping Type="Managers" Text="Christine Clarke"
    37.                                          BackColor="#512479" ApplyCssClass="appointment" />
    38.                                      <telerik:ResourceStyleMapping Type="Managers" Text="Adam Adair"
    39.                                          BackColor="#512479" ApplyCssClass="appointment" />
    40.                                  </ResourceStyles>
    41.                              </telerik:RadScheduler>
    42.                          </ContentTemplate>
    43.                      </asp:UpdatePanel>
    45.                      <asp:EntityDataSource runat="server" ID="EntityDataSource1" ConnectionString="name=aperturenetEntities"
    46.                          DefaultContainerName="aperturenetEntities" EntitySetName="Appointments" EnableDelete="true"
    47.                          EnableInsert="true" EnableUpdate="true">
    48.                      </asp:EntityDataSource>
    50.                      <asp:SqlDataSource ID="RoomsDataSource" runat="server"
    51.                          ProviderName="System.Data.SqlClient" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:aperturenetSql %>"
    52.                          SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [Rooms]"></asp:SqlDataSource>
    54.                      <asp:SqlDataSource ID="ManagersDataSource" runat="server"
    55.                          ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:aperturenetSql %>" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [tblApertureNetLookUps] WHERE lookup_type='11787CA6-DE99-4E0E-83D2-7D96E0FD11A3'"></asp:SqlDataSource>


    Now i dont no why its not firing as per the demo but the dialog is not appearing when it should have tested it but no ball


  2. Philip
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    Mar 2016

    Posted 06 Apr 2016 in reply to Philip Link to this post

    I relised i was missing the Reminders-Enabled="true"  DataReminderField="Reminder" properties but still nothing showing ?
  3. Philip
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    Mar 2016

    Posted 06 Apr 2016 in reply to Philip Link to this post

    I have also placed BEGIN:VALARM

    End me database field using the code telerik gave me but still not displaying as per reminders demo ?.
  4. Veselin Tsvetanov
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    Posted 11 Apr 2016 Link to this post

    Hello Philip,

    May I ask you to open a support ticket on this issue and send us a sample runnable project reproducing it? This way we will be able to troubleshoot the problem locally and provide you with the most appropriate solution for your case.

    Veselin Tsvetanov
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