RadWindow onload method (server) not documented?

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    Do all Rad controls have their own separate OnLoad method?  I dont see it listed in the docs

    I had a need for several popup windows to capture information.  I had originally started out building separate pages for these windows, but then discovered the content template.  I ran into issues with some databound controls not being loaded and since I was using AJAX, I started reading about all the issues others are having getting that to work.  However, all I had to do was use the controls OnLoad method and populate my controls there.  

    My setup
    I have a tree control that loads an ajax panel.  Within the panel are a few buttons that launch radwindows.  No big deal I thought.  The one issue I couldnt see how to do was populate some of the controls on the popup, such as a dropdownlist.  Doing it in the main page_load didnt work and I didnt want to load everything like this.  I didnt see anything in the documentation that mentions any individual OnLoad methods, but I suppose its documented somewhere else?  It works and does what I need, but is this discussed anywhere?
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    Oh ya, what cant I edit my own posts?
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    I will try to address each question in the order they were entered:

    • OnLoad methods for all controls - if you are looking for the server OnLoad event, this is a standard event exposed by the Web.UI.WebControls.WebControl class and therefore its documentation is located in the MSDN site and not on ours: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.web.ui.control.onload(v=vs.110).aspx. If you are looking for a client-side Load event, some controls expose it and some do not. This primarily depends on the control specifics. You can find lists of the available control events in their documentation, for example: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/window-programming-client-side-events.html. Each control has a Client-side Programming section where its client-side API and events are listed.
    • on using RadWindows' ContentTemplate with AJAX - the following article covers the most important factors that need to be taken into account: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/window-ajaxifying.html.
    • the concrete setup - the above article should explain how to properly configure the AJAX setup and interactions on the page. What you need to make sure is to have the contents of the RadWindow as a part of the partial page rendering. If you are using asp;UpdatePanel controls, you may need to call their Update() server method to include them in the response, and if you are using RadAjax, you would need appropriate AJAX settings where the buttons/tree are initiators and update the contents you need.
      As for the RadWindow itself - its merkup is generated on the client, so you would hardly need its server OnLoad event. You need to manipulate the contents and simply show the control. You can see how to show it from the server here: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/window-troubleshooting-opening-from-server.html and the more general article on the main ways (via JavaScript) is available here: http://www.telerik.com/help/aspnet-ajax/window-programming-opening.html.
    • on editing posts - this feature is not available at the moment, primarily to avoid confusion. If a post is edited while somebody is attempting to answer it, it will lead to loss of information and confusion. If it is edited at a later stage, it is likely that the thread will become incoherent or unreadable.

    I hope this explains the situation and helps you advance with your tasks.


    Marin Bratanov

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