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     I Used the RadTabStrip control i tried to use the focus for each tab first control(using Java scripts). When i was clicking the tab that time the error showing like that Con't do " focus the control because it is invisible, not enable or of a type there does not accept the frous"

    I wrote the code like this
    <script type="text/javascript">
             function onTabSelecting(sender, args) {

               //  var MyTab = addPropertyTabStrip.FindTabByText("Tab 2");                          
                // $find("<%= cmbContactManager.ClientID %>").focus();          
                 // alert("OnClientTabSelecting: " + args.get_tab().get_text());
               //  var comboBox = $find("<%=cmbContactManager.ClientID %>");
                // var input = comboBox.get_inputDomElement();
                // input.focus();
                 // SetFocus();

               //  var item = comboBox.get_selectedItem();
              //   document.getElementById("<%=hdnMasterInfoLocation.ClientID %>").focus();
                 // document.getElementById(<%=cmbContactManager.ClientID %>.InputID).focus();

             function onTabSelected(sender, args) {
                 // alert("OnClientTabSelecting: " + args.get_tab().get_text());
                // var MyBox = document.getElementById('<%= addPropertyDetailsPageView.FindControl("txtDetailsSleeps").ClientID %>')
                 //  MyBox.focus();

                 var tb;
                 tb = document.getElementById('<%= txtDetailsSleeps.ClientID %>')
                 if (tb != null) {
                     window.setTimeout(function() {
                     }, 100);
    function SetFocus()  
    // var comboBox = $find("<%= cmbContactManager.ClientID %>").focus();  ;
     // var input = document.getElementById(comboBox.InputID);  
    //  input.focus();  


    <JetSoft:RadTabStrip ID="addPropertyTabStrip" runat="server" OnClientTabSelected="onTabSelected"  SelectedIndex="0" MultiPageID="addPropertyMultipage">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="85px"  Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddproPertyMasterInfo %>" Selected="True">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server"  Width="75px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyContacts %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="75px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyDetails %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="85px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyBedLayout %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="80px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyUtilities %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="105px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyRatesPolicies %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="70px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyPictures %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="80px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyAmenities %>">
                <JetSoft:RadTab runat="server" Width="75px" Text="<%$ Resources:AdminResource, tabAddPropertyCharges %>">

         Some tab begin with combo box and some tab begin with text box and check box how can i solved this problem like begin with different problem. Please give me sample both
    Let me know how can i solve this problem and Please do needful

    G. Manikandan

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