RadMenu Item - How do we display accesskey next to the menuItem label?

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    We are using RadMenu to generate horizontal menu from XML file. Menu renders correctly. We have included AccessKey. Here is the sample code:


    <Menu Skin="Gray">      
         <Group ExpandDirection="Down" Flow="Horizontal">      
             <Item Text="Edit">      
             <Group Width="140" Flow="Vertical">      
                  <Item Text="New" Value="Edit_New" AccessKey="N" />      
                  <Item IsSeparator="True" />      
                  <Item Text="Cut" Value="Edit_Cut" AccessKey="X" />      
                  <Item Text="Copy" Value="Edit_Copy" AccessKey="C" />      
                  <Item Text="Paste" Value="Edit_Paste" AccessKey="V" />      
                  <Item IsSeparator="True" />    
                  <Item Text="Delete" Value="Edit_Delete" AccessKey="D" />      



    While viewing page in browser, for "New" menuItem "N" is underlined. So there is a visual indication. But for Cut and Paste menuItems, there is not visual indication that "X" and "V" are the accesskeys for them. Is there any way to show accesskey to user? We tried "ToolTip", but we didn't like that.

    Can we have RadMenu item displayed like this?

        New      N  
        Cut      X  
        Copy     C  
        Paste    V  
        Delete   D 


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