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Evgenia asked on 01 Aug 2022, 08:25 AM


I want to add a radial gauge in my web application. 

I set the "From" and "To" properties for the Scale Range and when the desired value is increased I can see the changes.

But I want to change the pointer according to the "From" and "To" properties of the Scale Range.

I can set the "Value" property equal to "To" but when it changes the pointer seems to reset and not to increase. I want the pointer start from the last "To" value and end to its "Value" property which is equal to the new "To" property.

Any ideas about this?

My demo code:

<TelerikButton OnClick=@IncrementRange>Add Range</TelerikButton>
                <RadialGaugeScaleRange From="@FromRadialGauge" To="ToRadialGauge" Color="red"></RadialGaugeScaleRange>


        <RadialGaugePointer @ref="@RadialGaugePointerRef" Value="@ToRadialGauge">


My code:

private int FromRadialGauge = 0;
private int ToRadialGauge = 0;
private void IncrementRange()
            ToRadialGauge = ToRadialGauge + 10;
            RadialGaugePointerRef.Value = ToRadialGauge;

Thanks in advance!

Telerik team
commented on 03 Aug 2022, 06:35 AM

Hi Evgenia,

If I understand correctly, you are talking about this behavior, which affects all gauges and is a confirmed bug in our backlog:

If this is the case, I am sorry it's causing you trouble. Please vote and follow these items to get status updates when we fix them.

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