Radgrid aggregate with pages

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חיה asked on 14 Nov 2021, 05:48 AM | edited on 18 Nov 2021, 01:07 PM

I created a grouped by radgrid with pagerstyle 10,

I added sum in footer,

but Sum is calculated for each 10 records.. I would like to see the sum just in end of group.

The sum is not by group, it's by page, how to make it by group?

<consist:ConsistGenericGrid ID="grData7" runat="server" ShowFooter="false" AllowSorting="false" DefaultSort="false" Visible="false"

                    OnNeedDataSource="grData7_NeedDataSource" OnPreRender="grData7_PreRender" OnItemDataBound="grData7_ItemDataBound">


                        <ClientEvents OnColumnResized="telerik_ext.OnGridColumnResized" />


                    <MasterTableView ShowGroupFooter="true" AllowMultiColumnSorting="true" ShowFooter="false">




                                    <telerik:GridGroupByField FieldName="GR" HeaderText=" " HeaderValueSeparator=" "></telerik:GridGroupByField>



                                    <telerik:GridGroupByField FieldName="GR " HeaderText="קבוצת" HeaderValueSeparator=" "></telerik:GridGroupByField>





                    <GroupingSettings ShowUnGroupButton="false" RetainGroupFootersVisibility="true" GroupContinuesFormatString="" GroupContinuedFormatString="" GroupSplitDisplayFormat=""></GroupingSettings>




 קבוצת A  
 24252452 1,547
 2424245 1,500
 425452425     1,300

נרשמים has to be 86

not 66



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Telerik team
answered on 17 Nov 2021, 02:22 PM


Please refer to the Aggregates with Paging Enabled section of our Group Footers article.

In short, If you want to include all group records in the summarized calculation info you can set the IgnorePagingForGroupAggregates property in the GroupingSettings to true:

<telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" runat="server" ...>
    <GroupingSettings IgnorePagingForGroupAggregates="true"
Note that LINQ expressions must be enabled in order for the IgnorePagingForGroupAggregates to have an effect. The EnableLinqExpressions property is enabled by default and there is no need to set it to True explicitly.

Please let me know if any further questions come up.

Kind regards,
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commented on 18 Nov 2021, 01:11 PM


It's probably not supprted in my telerik version (2015.1.401.35)

Since when is it supprted? Or- Which version is recommended for ASP.NET framework?

Telerik team
commented on 19 Nov 2021, 01:04 PM

Yes, you are right. This property is included with version 2015.2604 - UI for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2015 Beta (version 2015.2.604). So you will need to update to be able to leverage it.

We recommend updating Telerik controls to our latest versions to take advantage of all the new controls, useful features, and fixes provided since 2015. Yet, upgrading to R1 2020 at least is highly recommended as it will provide safety to known vulnerabilities like the Allows JavaScriptSerializer Deserialization.


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