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RadGrid (with EditFormTemplate) Expand behavior after filtering

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systems asked on 02 Jan 2015, 01:06 PM
We are running with an strange issue with RadGrid(Having EditForm Template) Filtering,
Current behavior
Grid rows are getting filtered down normally by an external filtering event like (Drop down, Search box etc),
So with this grid (having filtered data source bound to it) - when we try to Edit the row 

1. Rows NeedDataSource event is getting fired and entire grid is getting reset with original data source
2. Thus, the Edit row action gets resulted into Expanding the First row on default data source 

Expected behavior
 Ideally after filtering the rad grid rows, only the selected Row should be expand on click of Edit even after rebinding it.
 Any idea, how to handle this scenario?

Attach is the sample screens shows above behavior in action.
Steps to reproduce -
1. Filtered the Grid based on Product name Drop down (External filtering)
2. Once filtered, try to expand any row
3. It will result RadGrid Expanding the different row different than the filtered row which needs to be expanded.

You will notice in step 3 that Grid has all the rows again with default first row in expand state.


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Telerik team
answered on 06 Jan 2015, 08:52 AM
H Chetani,

Could you please elaborate a bit more on your scenario? How do you filter the RadGrid? Also do you pass the filtered data into the NeedDataSource event?
At e meantime you can check how to operate with the RadGrid’s filter expressions manually which is shown in the following help article:

Looking forward for your reply.


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