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RadEditor set_html IE issue

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MikeS asked on 17 Jul 2014, 05:07 PM
Hello there,

im using radeditors to update news content. when i click in the radgrid on some row, it opens a jquery dialog and sets two radeditor using set_html(Preview and Content).

This works perfect in google chrome but not on IE and FF. the html field has the content, but the design field dont and i cant even type on it.

here's the code:
var varTitle = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("title");
var varInitialDate = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("initial");
var varEndDate = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("end");
var varPreview = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("prev");
var varContent = eventArgs.getDataKeyValue("content");
*** Opens the dialog ***
$find('<%= Title.ClientID%>').set_value(varTitle);
$find('<%= ID.ClientID%>').get_textBox().control.set_value(varInitialDate);
$find('<%= ED.ClientID%>').get_textBox().control.set_value(varEndDate);
$find('<%= Preview.ClientID%>').set_html(varPreview);
$find('<%= Content.ClientID%>').set_html(varContent);

any ideas on what the problem is?


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Telerik team
answered on 21 Jul 2014, 08:08 AM
Hi Mike,

I am not aware of any issues related to the set_html() method. And the scenario described sounds more complex than a simple usage of this method.

If the RadEditor control is somehow moved across the DOM element or dynamically shown upon user options, then I assume this is a known issue related to the dynamic rendering of the control. You can examine this help article for more details on this matter.

If you still have issues with this matter, you can try isolate this within a simple, locally runnable project and provide it, so that I could investigate it on my end.


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