Radeditor cursor appears stuck as a solid vertical line

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    Posted 18 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    I've an odd scenario and wanted to see if anyone had ideas as to what might be the cause.  Only one user has reported this issue.  I've tried searching the web, but have not had any luck.

    We have a page that has five  radeditors on it.  The user clicks in a radeditor and a blinking cursor appears where they clicked.  When the user clicks in another radeditor, the blinking cursor appears where they clicked, but in the first radeditor where they clicked there is a solid vertical bar where the cursor previously was.  The same thing happens when they click in another radeditor.

    I've attached a screenshot.  The solid vertical bar at the end of the sentence in each of the radeditors is where the user clicked each time.  The last radeditor should be a blinking cursor, but obviously I couldn't capture that in the screenshot.  :)  I had to blur the content in the radeditors due to the sensitive nature of our website.

    This issue seems to only happen in Chrome, though the user did say they thought they experienced it in Firefox as well.

    Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  2. Ianko
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    Posted 21 Nov 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Amy,

    The caret (text cursor) is entirely controlled and rendered by the browser. The RadEditor control does not implement any logic to affect its appearance. Any range and selection changes are done via native browser exposed API and the cursor is affected implicitly.

    This might be a result of some browser add-on or non-updated browser version. If it happens only to one user, I suggest prompting for more details on the case. For example, browser version, trying to remove any add-ons etc.

    Also, if the RadEditor controls are customized somehow with some JS logic, there might be a performance issue that could cause the browser to be unable to dispose the rendered caret.


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