raddatapager really has tons of problems

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    protected void RadDataPager1_PageIndexChanged(object sender, RadDataPagerPageIndexChangeEventArgs e)
            protected void RadDataPager1_TotalRowCountRequest(object sender, RadDataPagerTotalRowCountRequestEventArgs e)

                AllClass.SearchDef Def = new AllClass.SearchDef();
                Def.Business = this.RadBusi; Def.ProSeries = this.RadPro; Def.PtoTyp = this.RadPtoTyp;
                Def.Disposal = this.RadDisposal; Def.STimd = this.TxtSTim.Text; Def.OTimd = this.TxtOTim.Text;
                Def.ProCode = this.RadProCode;
                Def.OilWay = this.RadOilWay.Text;
                Def.STima = this.TxtSTim.Text;
                Def.OTima = this.TxtOTim.Text;       
                string sc = "select count(*) from tbAss where(1=1) " + AllClass.getwa(Def);
                int cnt = Convert.ToInt32(AllClass.ExecuteScalar(sc, con));
                e.TotalRowCount = cnt;
            string GenerateButtonText(string argument)
                return String.Format("<span>{0}</span>", int.Parse(argument) + 1);

            protected void RadDataPager1_FieldCreated(object sender, RadDataPagerFieldCreatedEventArgs e)
                if (e.Item.Field is RadDataPagerButtonField && (e.Item.Field as RadDataPagerButtonField).FieldType == PagerButtonFieldType.Numeric)
                    foreach (IButtonControl ctrl in e.Item.Controls)
                        ctrl.Text = GenerateButtonText(ctrl.CommandArgument);
    sometimes the event"RadDataPager1_PageIndexChanged" doesn't work. and the event"RadDataPager1_TotalRowCountRequest
    " happens every post.I think you guys really have to see the modes of "AspNetPager".

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    Posted 11 Sep 2013 Link to this post


    Can you provide a runnable demo where I can reproduce the problem?

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