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    RadBinaryImage gives you an easy way of showing an image stored as binary data in a database. The control can be used in any data bound control (Repeater, DataList, GridView, etc.) to display images which originate from binary image field in the data source. RadBinaryImage uses an internal http handler which streams the image from the binary source to the page in which it has to be visualized. The most important properties of the RadBinaryImage control are presented in the list below:

    • DataValue - property which specifies the source field from which the data will be passed as a byte array
    • Height - specifies the height of the binary image
    • Width - specifies the width of the binary image
    • AlternateText - the text that will replace the image when it is not available/cannot be streamed
    • ToolTip - the text that will be displayed in a browser tooltip when you hover the image
    • AutoAdjustImageControlSize - scales the image based on explicitly set width/height dimensions to avoid stretch or blur effect when its original dimensions do not fit. The default value is true.
    • HttpHandlerUrl - can be used to specify the location of a custom http handler which extends the default RadBinaryImage http handler. When not set, RadBinaryImage has its own handler which is invoked through the common Telerik.WebResource.axd handler.
    • ImageUrl - applicable when no DataValue is specified to gracefully degrade to regular asp Image mode.
    • ImageAlign - specifies the image alignment inside its container.

    To get familiar with the control please follow these online resources:

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