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    Is the following a limitation of RadAjaxManager, or is there a better way of configuring the manager control?

    When the manager's 'ajaxRequest' function is called from Javascript, it says in the documentation that the radajaxmanager control always acts as the initiator, and so the ajaxsettings on the server-side configuration need to be set to use the id of the manager itself as the 'ajaxified' AjaxControlID.

    The problem is that I assume this means that the update of all the Updated controls on the page must be very 'unselective'. Elsewhere in the documentation it says that all Updated controls linked with ajaxsettings to an initiator will be updated when any ajaxsetting for that Ajaxified control is used. Because all the ajaxsettings use the same initiator, does this not mean that it is not possible to selectively update just a single Updated control on the page?

    with three ajaxsettings:
    manager -> panel1
    manager -> panel2
    manager -> panel3

    ... all three panels would be updated even if a button inside just one of them triggered the ajaxRequest event.

    If this is wrong, can a better way be explained, as this seems like a big limitation to me.


  2. Maria Ilieva
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    In some point you are correct for the described behavior in other you could avoid it in some scenarios.
    In case you need to update several control on separate manual ajaxRequest you could simple pass different arguments to the different requests, check this arguments on the server AjaxRequest event and proceed with the needed logic only in this case. Another option could be to use ajaxRequestWithTarget instead of just ajaxRequest.
    Also in the example you mentioned note that due to the asp panels container nature, their content will always be updated no mater of the ajax initiator in once these panels are added as updated controls. In order to avoid this beahvior in the previous release we have developed a single property "UpdateInitiatorsPanelsOnly" which should be set to "true"

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