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    My apologies if this is a vague question.  I have a Dot Net 4.0 web app that makes extensive use of Telerik controls, particularly the RadGrid and RadTextBox.

    The purpose of the application is to manage mail merge data for a newsletter.  

    A small number of the newsletter versions use non-Latin right-to-left alphabets such as Arabic.  

    The process is as follows: 
    1. The translations (Arabic and others) are sent to us in Excel spreadsheets.  
    2. The phrases get copied into (Telerik) textboxes of the application.  (I should mention that not all fields are entirely in Arabic.  It is necessary to mix in some English characters at times.)  
    3. The phrases get saved to a SQL database in nvarchar fields.
    4. The phrases are then used in a Mail Merge through a database view that reads the required fields.

    I simply have no experience whatsoever dealing with a situation like this. 

    For lack of a better question, I'm wondering if I'm overlooking any Telerik features that might be of help to me.  What considerations are there in creating a Dot Net web app that has to handle multiple alphabets at once?  

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    Hi Boris,

    As long as you use UTF-8 as encoding in all parts of your application (Excel, HTML, SQL, Mail Merge). You should be able to edit text in mixed Latin, Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. at the same time.

    Based on your explanation it looks as it will work without any need of modification (at least for the excel->browser->asp->sql). I am not sure how Mail Merge works, you will need to do your research on it further.

    Talking about the encoding, it will be no difference if you are using RadTextBox, asp:TextBox or regular Input element in your page.

    I hope this helps.


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