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    Posted 14 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    I had to replace the RadUpload controls in my app with RadAsyncUpload versions rather quickly and I may have missed out on a few details.

    In my old system (while using RadUpload) I had code to delete the uploaded files once processed (inserted into a database field).

    It looks to me like the simplest thing to do with the RadAsyncUpload would be to leave the files alone and rely on the control's TemporaryFileExpiration setting to do the job.

    My question is this.  Am I missing anything?  Is there any real drawback to using the default App_Data\RadUploadTemp path and relying on automatic deletion of these temp files?  (In fact, why should I even need a Target Folder?)
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    Boyan Dimitrov
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    Posted 16 Oct 2014 Link to this post


    Indeed using this property is the simplest way of deleting any files in the temp folder.

    I would suggest reviewing this demo that demonstrates how to use custom handler in order to save a file directly to the data base.

    Boyan Dimitrov

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  3. Sean
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    I am having similar issue. I was using <asp:FileUpload .. /> on upload click i would save it to temporary location on server once saved, i delete (there is virus scan that happens when saving on temp location) and save its bytes to DB.

    However, with same exact file when i am try to use <telerik:RadAsyncUpload .. /> it is taking significantly longer to save it on SAME temp location using its TemporaryFolder property. Is this a known issue? or am i doing something wrong? am i missing something? This is what my RadAsyncUpload looks like:

    <telerik:RadAsyncUpload ID="Upload" runat="sever" CssClass="someCssClass" AutoAddFileInputs="false" MaxFileSize="52428800" DisablePlugins="true" PostbackTriggers="RadUploadButton" AllowedFileExtensions="docx,xlsx,png" TemporaryFileExpiration="00:20:00" OnFileUploaded="Upload_FileUploaded" OnClientFileSelected="FileSelected" OnClientFileUploadRemoved="FileRemoved" OnClientValidationFailed="ValidationFailed" >

    <Localization Select="Browse..."/>


    this is my asp upload control:

    <asp:FileUpload runat="server" ID="AspUploadID" />

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank you,


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