Q1 2014 Bug with HighlightPath() and Simple skin

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    Today I updated my website with your latest Q1 2014 controls and I found a (CSS?) bug that I haven't with Q3 2013 SP1.

    The function HighlightPath() with the skin "Simple" does not render the correct "Selected" stylesheet. Now we only have an orange border without background and "Hover" style seems not have the same padding value than the "Selected" one.

    You can reproduce this bug on your site in "Menu - Integration with BreadCrumb" page. Select "Simple" skin and you will see the first selected level "Purchase" with only a border (background is missing). Then move the cursor on "Purchase Orders" child menu item to see that the Selected stylesheet will create an unpleasant behavior (definitely due to a different margin or padding)

    Is there a way to fix this quickly??

    Thank you for your help
  2. Boyan Dimitrov
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    I would like to clarify that there is an issue with the Simple Skin and focused state of the items. Your observations are absolutely correct and except applying an orange border it should set an orange background color to the item as well. The following workaround will fix this issue and it will be included in our upcoming  service pack release.
    //css workaround
    html .RadMenu_Simple .rmGroup .rmItem a.rmFocused {
            padding: 0px;
    .RadMenu_Simple .rmFocused > .rmLink,
    .RadMenu_Simple .rmSelected > .rmLink {
            border-color: #882501;
            background-color: #FFA517;
            color: #882501;
    .RadMenu_Simple .rmGroup .rmFocused > .rmLink,
    .RadMenu_Simple .rmGroup .rmSelected > .rmLink {
            background-color: #FFE79C;
            border-color: #C98400;
            color: #882501;

    I would like to clarify that HighlightPath() method does apply rmFocused class to the item and its ancestor items in order to highlight the path from the root to the item.

    Boyan Dimitrov

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