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SamVanity asked on 04 Aug 2008, 08:36 AM

I am designing an app that uses the RadUpload, and I have been able to get Memory/Progressbar to work under IIS6, IIS7 Integrated and IIS7 Classic.

I have read the docs and the following are some questions I still have. Please be as specific as possible.

1) Is there a way to disable the progress area / manager / memory optimization through code behind?

I am detecting the client environment's trust level in my code (I have no problem doing this), and I want to disable the progress manager/memory optimization when I encounter less than full trust environment. I have not been able to do so.

According to this page, I should be able to disable it by switching the EnableMemoryOptimization to false.

I tried setting both the progressmanager and the progressarea's enabled=false through code (page_init), but it still produces an error when the environment is not Full Trust.

2) Application Trace -> can I enable trace in the web.config file but set trace to false on the page that uses the Progress Manager control? It does not seem to work in this configuration.

3) Does it mean that the Progress Manager/ Progress Area/ Memory Optimization must all be enabled at once? Is it possible to disable Memory Optimziation but keep the progress working and vice versa?

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Erjan Gavalji
Telerik team
answered on 05 Aug 2008, 11:30 AM
Hi Sam Van,

Below is my reply to the support ticket (pasting in order to share information with the others):

Up to your questsions:
  1. Unfortunately disabling the memory optimization is not enough to make RadUpload work fine in Medium trust. The requirement for Full trust comes from the RadUploadHttpModule, which needs full trust permissions to process the content being received from the client. What you can do is have two web.config files:
    • one, having the RadUploadHttpModule registration (and requiring Full trust);
    • one without RadUploadHttpModule and RadUploadHttpHandler (working in Medium trust);
    When istalling the application, you can detect which web.config file to use (this is in addition to the EnableMemoryOptimization property);
  2. In this case actually it is the progress that does not work. The file gets uploaded properly as it is a part of the page. However the progress data is retrieved from the RadProgressHandler.ashx handler, which takes the global trace setting. You can try creating
  3. The memory optimization and the progress monitoring are possible because of the RadUploadHttpModule. Since RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax Q2 2008 (assembly version 2008.2.723), RadUploadHttpModule does not directly handle the file uploads in terms of memory optimization. We changed the logic of the control, because since .NET Framework 2.0, file upload is done in a memory optimized way.
Kind regards,
Erjan Gavalji
the Telerik team

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Erjan Gavalji
Telerik team
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