ProgressArea is not displaying when using a Web Application Firewall

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    I know you probably won't have an answer or resolution for me, but perhaps you can give me some ideas...

    We are using version 2014.2.724.40 of your AJAX controls for ASP.NET.

    I am using the old RadUpload and the RadProgressArea and RadProgressManager.  This was all working fine (the progressarea displayed fine), until we added a web application firewall (FortiWeb) device in front of our web server.

    The web application firewall allows us to do virus scanning on the uploaded files, before the file upload process even begins.

    As soon as I turned that feature on in our web application firewall, the ProgressArea no longer is being displayed during an upload.  It appears that the web application firewall maybe "breaks something" in the communication between the server and the client, during the upload process.

    I don't expect you to solve that, but could you:
    1.  Give me some ideas to possible troubleshoot this, or
    2.  Give me some ideas on how to create some type of custom solution to display something to the users when the file is uploading?

    I see that there is a onclientprogressstarted client even on the progressmanager, but I don't see a "onclientprogressended" event.  Without and "end" event, how would I know the file upload process is complete?  In other words, I know I could use the progressstarted client side event to display an animated icon or a modal div or something to the user when the upload has started.  But how would I know when the upload has ended so that I can hide whatever it is that I display?


  2. Peter Filipov
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    Posted 15 Sep 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Michael,

    My suggestion is to try to use the RadAsyncUpload control, because it uses only the RadProgressArea and does not need the progress manager control. The progress monitoring is polled from the progress event of the XMLHttpRequest object during upload.

    Let me know if this work for your case.

    Peter Filipov

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