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  1. Erik
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    Posted 03 Jan 2012 Link to this post


    I'm using the panelbar and whant the first panel to expand, on start.

    This is my panel code:
    <telerik:RadPanelBar ID="RadPanelBar_Portfolio" Width="100%" Height="100%" CssClass="masterPanelBar"
        ExpandMode="FullExpandedItem" runat="server" >
            <telerik:RadPanelItem Value="MainPanel" Selected="true" Expanded="True">
                    <asp:label ID="Label8" Text="Portfolio" Font-Bold="true" runat="server" />   
                    <table id="tbl_HeaderPortFolio" runat="server">

    The panel bar is inside a RadSplitter.
    The radsplitter is inside a dynamically loaded control, that is in a RadAjaxPanel.

    As you can see, I set Selected="true" Expanded="True" 
    but that does not show the panel expanded. I always have to click the bar to see its content (the table)

    I tried also to set it in code :
    With RadPanelBar_Portfolio.FindItemByValue("MainPanel")
        .Expanded = True
        .Selected = True
        .Expanded = True
        .PreventCollapse = True
    End With
    and even in the PreRender (RadPanelBar_Portfolio.Items(0).Expanded = True)

    and I tried setting it in JS:
    function ExpandItem()
        var panelbar = <%= RadPanelBar_Portfolio.ClientID %>;
        var item = panelbar.FindItemByValue("MainPanel");
        if (item)
            //alert("Item with text 'MainPanel' not found.");

    But, no luck, the panelbar ALWAYS needs to be clicked first...

    Please check screenshot for more details.

    Could you tell me how I can see the first panel expanded?


  2. Erik
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    Feb 2008

    Posted 03 Jan 2012 Link to this post

    when I remove the <HeaderTemplate> it is no longer a problem?!
  3. Answer
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    Posted 04 Jan 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Erik,

    Indeed the behavior that you encounter is a bug of the RadPanelBar control when you use both HeaderTemplate and ContentTemplate that we are already aware of. It is already logged in our internal system and though I can not give you any specific timeframe we will do our best so that we can fix it shortly.

    the Telerik team
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