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    Well, maybe not on its own. My problem is that it fires before even Page_Load. I have the following code to create each page view programmatically :

            protected void Multipage1PageViewCreated(object sender, RadMultiPageEventArgs e) 
                RadPageView newpage = e.PageView; 
                RadEditor editor = new RadEditor { ID = "radeditor" + e.PageView.Index, Width = 800}; 
                UpdatePanel updatepanel = new UpdatePanel 
                                                  ID = "updatepanel" + e.PageView.Index, 
                                                  UpdateMode = UpdatePanelUpdateMode.Conditional 
                //RadioButtonList Start  
                RadioButtonList rbl = new RadioButtonList {RepeatDirection = RepeatDirection.Vertical, Width = 130}; 
                rbl.SelectedIndexChanged += new EventHandler(RadioButtonListEditModeSelectedIndexChanged); 
                rbl.AutoPostBack = true
                ListItem li1 = new ListItem(); 
                ListItem li2 = new ListItem(); 
                ListItem li3 = new ListItem(); 
                rbl.ID = "radiobuttonlist" + e.PageView.Index; 
                li1.Value = "FullSet"
                li1.Text = "Advanced toolset"
                li2.Value = "Default"
                li2.Text = "Default"
                li3.Value = "BasicTools"
                li3.Text = "Basic toolset"
                //RadioButtonList End  
                Literal ltr = new Literal 
                    Text = "<div class=\"radiobuttonlist\"><b>Choose a toolbar style:</b>" 
                Literal ltr2 = new Literal { Text = "</div>" }; 
                Literal ltrTitle = new Literal {Text = "<h2>Τίτλος</h2>"}; 
                TextBox txtTitle = new TextBox(); 
                txtTitle.Width = 800; 
                txtTitle.Height = 20; 
                Literal ltrDivStart = new Literal {Text = "<div class='ArticleTitle'>"}; 
                Literal ltrDivEnd = new Literal {Text = "</div>"}; 
                Literal ltrDivStart2 = new Literal { Text = "<div style='float:left;'>" }; 
                Literal ltrDivEnd2 = new Literal { Text = "</div>" }; 
                HiddenField hiddenField = new HiddenField(); 
                hiddenField.Value = Languages[e.PageView.Index]; 

    This was suggested by a member of the team. Now, outside of the control that contains the tab strip and multi page and all that I have an asp:Button. On its OnClick event I want to get the values of everything in this control. My problem is that PageViewCreated fires before everything else when I click the button. Before the function I have for OnClick and before Page_Load. Any solutions? Thanks in advance.
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    Posted 26 May 2010 Link to this post


    Actually this is expected behavior, PageViewCreated event is fired before Page_Load, because the controls should be added exactly at this moment to the Controls collection of the pageview. What exactly is the problem with this, please explain in more details?

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    the Telerik team

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