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    We have this issue in our developpement on WebForms ASP.NET 4.5.2 (VS2015 Update 3) with last version 2019.2 with this configuration  :

    In :

                function RadPan_ItemClicking(sender, eventArgs)
                    var oItem = eventArgs.get_item();
                    if (oItem.get_expanded()) {
                    var sUrl = "";
                    var aAttributes = oItem._attributes;
                    if (aAttributes.get_count())
                        sUrl = aAttributes.getAttribute("URL");
                    if (IsDefined(sUrl)) 
                        if (sUrl!="")
                            var oPanelBar = oItem.get_panelBar();

    <telerik:RadPanelBar runat="server" ID="RadPan" ExpandMode="SingleExpandedItem" PersistStateInCookie="True"
                                        <CollapseAnimation Duration="100" Type="None" />
                                        <ExpandAnimation Duration="100" Type="None" />


    It's a manual binding with 3 level of RadPanelItem, 

    We don't use NavigateUrl property but we use OnItemClick event to check data in session before redirect

    All RadPanelItems have URL Attribute that is read from OnItemClick  event

    The behind Code IS NOT in master page BUT in child Page named BasePage (it's inherit WebPage for all pages of project)

    Sample of BasePage.aspx.cs

    protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)

    _masterPage = Master as MyMaster;

    RadPanelBar oRadPan = _masterPage.FindControl("RadPan") as RadPanelBar;

    ..... (Manual Binding without datasource)


    To solve this issue temporarely, we use this Javascript code below BUT it's not clean :

    $(function () {

           if (Telerik.Web.Browser.edge) {
                with (window)
                    if (!location.href.contains("#") && !location.href.contains("?")) {
                        open(location.href + "?", "_blank");
            else {
                if (sPathname.contains("index.aspx"))
                    with (window.location)
                        if (!href.contains("#")) {
                            replace(href + "#");


  2. Laurent
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    Posted 25 Jul 2019 Link to this post

    We have this issue on 2 servers :
    - First server is developpment server
    - Second server is customer's server
    On VS2015 in debug mode, NO ISSUE
    So, 4 importants details :
    WINDOWS 2008 R2 WITH IIS 7.5
    VS2015 U3
    API Telerik 2019.2
    All browser
    Thank you

  3. Peter Milchev
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    I am sharing the internal communication of the related support ticket so that it is visible from the community and help other also. 

    Reply #1: Some debugging tips and a sample runnable project.

    The issue that you are describing seems to be unrelated to the PanelBar and rather the server configurations. 

    Would you please check if other controls work properly or it is only the Panel bar?

    Here are some questions that would help clarifying the situation. Please provide an answer for each of them.

    1. Are there any JavaScript errors in the browser console?
    2. Are there any failing requests in the Network tab? - If some scripts/styles are not loaded then the PanelBar would not be working properly
    3. Are the servers using the Same exact project and the issue is only in the IIS server and OS of the server?
    4. Is it possible to provide a live URL so that we are able to observe the issue? - It can be a dummy page with dummy data.
    5. Is the attached project doing the same behavior in both of your servers?
      1. If it works on all servers, please modify it so that it better represents your scenario and replicates the issue.

    Reply #2: Solution

    After combining the real project with the attached one, it turns out the issue is in the Role.Manager of the project. Once resolved, everything works as expected.

    Peter Milchev
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