Nested Splitter in Multipage not resizing

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    Posted 03 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Guys
    We have some problems with a relatively simple layout.
    Our application has the classical layout, header on top, navigation bar left and content page on the right, implemented with nested splitters in the masterpages:
    Site.Master:       Splitter horizontal with Pane Header and Pane Body with Body placeholder
    Content.Master: Splitter vertical with Navigation pane left, Splitbar and Content pane right with Content placeholder
    Content page: simple placeholder, loads user control
    User control: Splitter horizontal with TabStrip on pane 1 and MultiPage on pane 2. Inside the multipage's pageview1 we load another splitter horizontal displaying some buttons and labels.

    We have three problems with this layout:
    1.) The inner splitter is not resized to 100%
    2.) When resizing with splitbar, the inner splitter is resized to 100% plus some more percents
    3.) Calling a client ajaxrequest from the RadButton does not reach the handler, but with a normal html button this works fine ??

    Regarding the splitter resizing, we followed your rules: Main splitter to 100%, all of the following elements no explicit size, up to the multipage, all following elements set to 100%.

    I wanted to attach a sample application, but only jpg, gif, png is allowed, so how to upload it ?
     Please send an answer soon, it is a little bit urgent !

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    Posted 06 Jun 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Michael,

    i have already answered your support ticket on the subject, for convenience I will paste my answer here as well:

    The reasons for the experienced issues are as follows:
    • The Splitter (in your case with ID="RadSplitterControl") is not able to calculate its size in percentages properly if it has initially not visible parent (like PageView) and so you have to configured its ResizeWithParentPane property to "False" and Width and Height to 100%.
    •  When the Splitter's size is set in percentages it take those percengages from its parent size, so if there are any siblings to the Splitter their size is added to those 100% (e.g 100% + 90px content).In order to avoid the scroll-bars in such a scenario you can either use one additional Splitter, which RadPanes will divide the height of the inner Splitter (ID="RadSplitterControl") and the height of the other content or to wrap the other content into additional div and exclude its height through the Splitters HeightOffset property.
    • When there is a nested Splitter, the Scrolling of its parent pane should be set to "None" (Splitter with ID="RadPaneMultipage")
    • The RadButton does not expose OnClientClick event and this is why the JavaScript funtion is not fired. You can choose between OnClietClicked and On ClientClicking. In addition, I have noticed that the ClientIdMode property of the button is set to static. By design RadButton (and RadControls as a whole) supports only ClientIdMode="Auto" and it is highly recommended to configure it this way in order to generate correct client IDs.

    I hope this helps.

    Veselina Raykova
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