Multiview problems (corrupted styles)

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  1. Gunnar
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    Posted 09 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    I don't know where to put this question since it involves numerous controls, so I try here.

    It is a somewhat complex situation but I'll do my best to try to describe it. In short: When numerous Telerik controls (Telerik.Web.UI) are placed on a number of Views in an ASP MultiView, the css styles becomes corrupted on View 2 and on.

    More details:

    I have an asp MultiView with a number of Views and Previous/Next buttons to move between the views. On the first View I have a RadDropdownList, a RadComboBox, and a RadGrid. On the following Views I have some RadTreeViews, RadGrids and also some Accordions. Now to the oddities:

    If all Telerik controls on the first view are visible, the css styles on the following Views are corrupted (i.e. missing) and the RadTreeViews completely lack all styling and all images. The Accordions also get corrupted, and it seems that all ul-based lists are affected.

    If I hide (Visible=false) any one of the three Telerik controls on the first View, the css styles on the following Views are correct.

    If I place all the Telerik controls on the first View (and have them visible), they are displayed correctly.

    The only way I have found to have all controls visible on different Views and with correct css styles, is to register the Previous/Next buttons as PostBackControls, but that gives the side affect that a Ctrl-F5 (after a Previous/Next click) gives a popup message saying that a Submit is in process.

    Anyone that can make any sense out of this?  Is it a ViewState problem?

    .NET FW 4.0
    Telerik 2014.1.225.40
  2. Danail Vasilev
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    Posted 10 Apr 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Gunnar,

    I have tried to reproduce the mentioned issue but to no avail. You can watch a short video test in the attached archive and then tell me what I am missing. I can suggest that you try the following steps:
       - Are there any JavaScript errors that could break the proper functionality of the script controls on your page? If there are such errors they must be found and fixed.
       - It may be possible that some global styles are affecting your layout and the appearance of the controls. If that is so I can suggest that you remove all of the custom styles and if that fixes the issue then start turning one by one the styles until you find and fix the problematic one.
       - Is the issue reproducible with the latest official version of Telerik UI - 2014.1.403?
       - Is the issue reproducible in most major browsers or it is a browser specific? If so which is the browser and its version. It may be possible that you have hit the Internet Explorer CSS limitation. If that is so please refer for details in Internet Explorer CSS limits blog post.
        - It may be possible that some requests are failing due to some reasons. If that is so you can make an investigation on the matter. You can use the VS code from this blog post in order to identify the resource names of the requests.
        - Does toggling the CDN of Telerik UI resolve the issue?
        - If you are using AJAX then it may be possible that some of the CSS is not loaded properly. If that is the case I can suggest that you try loading the CSS explicitly, following the approach from this help article.
        - Is the issue reproducible only when the project is deployed or it occurs locally as well?

    If the above steps, however, do not help it would be better to reproduce the issue with the attached VS example and then tell us what changes you have made, so that I can proceed further with the investigation.

    Danail Vasilev

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