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    I have taken a look at the RadWindow and RadDock to solve a very simple problem of flying out some controls (may be wrapped in user control but does not have to be) within an aspx and these are is just not cutting it.

    The behavior I am looking for is just like MSDN's feedback 
    see this page, top right corner to see the "feedback" flyout.

    Another good example is from Obout (offers Flyout for free but it does not play nicely with Telerik controls, esp. ScriptManager). http://www.obout.com/flyout/flyout.aspx

    I don't want callbacks or commands or anything else fancy, I just want a page to be able to flyout some controls and have these controls accessible just like they were on the page normally (i.e. wire up to events, etc.)

    with all these fancy features this has to be something a lot of people want.


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    Neither the RadWindow or the RadDock are designed for that scenario.  Luckily, there are two other RadControls that could do what you are wanting to do.  You could use a RadMenu and use an ItemTemplate, or, even better, use the RadToolTip.  In fact, there is an online demo that shows exactly how to replicate the msdn example you provided.  Check it out here:


    Hope that helps,

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