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Issue with Telerik RadTextbox on IE 9

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Dushyanth asked on 06 Sep 2013, 01:14 AM
There is an issue with Telerik RadTextbox on IE 9.

I am using  a telerik radnumeric textbox in grid template column in a radgrid.I am connecting to SQL Server to bind the grid with data based on an SP, and when I enter numeric values into these textboxes I want them to be saved.I am using this in a RadTab setup with 3 user controls embedded in the aspx page. i.e. as shown attached. Now when I click on the save button , after changing the amount values, I expect it to connect to sql server, insert data into it and bind to it.

Issue: Clicking the save button in IE9 (only when deployed to a production environment) causes the Internet explorer to hang. The issue does not exist if turn on the compatibility mode. Also , It does not exist locally or while connecting to the production database from Visual Studio and running the solution.  I used Fiddler and found out that there was a http protocol violation, and I get this message " Content length mismatch: Request header indicated 141,200 bytes, but client sent 0 bytes". Please see below the radgrid I use in my usercontrol page. 
<telerik:RadGrid ID="rgStateLines" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowMultiRowSelection="False"
                            enableajax="True" enableajaxloadingtemplate="True" GroupHeaderItemStyle-VerticalAlign="Bottom"
                            Width="800px" ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="left" GridLines="None" AllowFilteringByColumn="false"
                            HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center" OnNeedDataSource="rgStateLines_NeedDataSource"
                            <HeaderStyle Font-Size="X-Small" />
                            <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" VerticalAlign="Bottom" />
                            <AlternatingItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Right" VerticalAlign="Bottom" />
                            <MasterTableView AutoGenerateColumns="false" DataKeyNames="DatalistId">
                                    <telerik:GridBoundColumn SortExpression="DatalistId" DataField="DatalistId" Visible="false">
                                    <telerik:GridTemplateColumn HeaderText="Description" UniqueName="Description" HeaderStyle-Width="19%"
                                        SortExpression="Description" Visible="true" AllowFiltering="false" ItemStyle-Font-Size="X-Small"
                                        ShowFilterIcon="false" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="center">
                                            <asp:Label ID="lblDescription" runat="server" Text='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Description")%>'></asp:Label>
                                    <telerik:GridTemplateColumn ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign="right" HeaderText="Amount"
                                        UniqueName="Amount" HeaderStyle-Width="7%" SortExpression="Amount" Visible="true"
                                        AllowFiltering="false" ShowFilterIcon="false" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center">
                                            <telerik:RadNumericTextBox ID="txtAmount" Type="Number" NumberFormat-AllowRounding="false"
                                                Width="80px" DataType="System.Double" SelectionOnFocus="None" NumberFormat-DecimalDigits="0"
                                                IncrementSettings-InterceptArrowKeys="false" IncrementSettings-InterceptMouseWheel="false"
                                                EnabledStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right" runat="server" Value='<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Amount")%>'
                                                onfocus="fnOnfocus(this)" onblur="fnOnBlur(this)">
                                <Scrolling AllowScroll="True" UseStaticHeaders="True" SaveScrollPosition="True" FrozenColumnsCount="1">

Could you tell me if there is something I need to be aware of with regard to this set up ? Also, as to why there is the text box data binding issue  in IE 9 ?

Please help.


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Telerik team
answered on 10 Sep 2013, 08:44 AM

 One thing that I noticed in the code excerpt is that you are using the Eval databinding helper function which is normally used only in one-way databinding scenarios. If you need two-way databinding you can use the Bind helper function instead or even manually handle and perform the update / insert operations of the control.
Additionally you can check whether the production and development environment share the same setup:  .NET version and Telerik.Web.UI.dll version of the assembly after deployment, database or IIS restriction etc.
In any way this is not a browser related issue, it is caused by the server, because I believe in all cases 0 bytes are sent over the network, but apparently in one of the setups there's a protocol violation as you mentioned which causes the issue. If you use Bind instead of Eval it should properly send the entered value in the RadNumericTextBox and avoid the error.
Sample setup can also be found here.

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