Is it possible to select folder path in ?

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  1. Aravind
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    Posted 21 Jul 2013 Link to this post

    Hai Everyone
       Is it possible to select folder and show in textbox in windows application Dialog box is available it can use to select the folder.Like that any control in Telerik to select the folder form C:,D:,E:,F;.... and show in folder path in textbox ?

    Note: can load structure in treeview,like get directory and folder structure in treeview in windows application.

    Pls reply me asap
  2. Vessy
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    Posted 25 Jul 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Aravind,

    The described scenario could be implemented with the help of RadFileExplorer. You could use the approach shown in this live demo by modifying it to select folders instead of files. You could do it in a similar way:
    function OnClientFileOpen(sender, args) {
        var item = args.get_item();
        if (item.get_type() != Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorerItemType.File) {
            var wnd = getRadWindow();
            var openerPage = wnd.BrowserWindow;

    If you want to display only folders inside the FileExplorer control, in the following forum thread you can see how this could be done: Want Users to see Only Folders

    Note, that by design FileExplorer (the controls listing the files inside the dialogs) works with virtual paths to folders placed inside the application root. It can be used to list physical directories that resides on the a web server, or on a cloud server or even a file structure stored in a database, but to be able to list these files and / or manipulate them, the web server which is running the website need to have the correct permissions an you will need to implement a custom content provider. You can find useful information in this KB article: Use RadFileExplorer with physical and shared folder's paths

    Last but not least, if you want to access paths to folders on a user's PC - I am afraid I have to disappoint you. It is not possible to access user's local hard drive using JavaScript and this is not a restriction of RadFileExplorer but is a general security restriction.

    Kind regards,
    Veselina Raykova
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  3. Aravind
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    Posted 07 Feb 2014 in reply to Vessy Link to this post

    thank for ur reply,no need to select file ,i want show only folder directory in tree view and if select any folder that full path show in text box,i am not go to long way like select  file and get file path form that file and  finally show path only.i my question i am not mention file then why u reply selecting file form folder.

    i need to show i only folder structure in tree view,is it possible to get server machine folder structure in client machine ?
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