I want selection on the client to cascade down, preferably while allowing ctrl-clicks

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    In my tree, the leaves are the data carriers, but I want a click on a particular node to (visually) select itself and all its descending nodes. I am then using the list of selected nodes in an Ajax request.

    But I haven't been able to figure out how to accomplish this.

    I started out by selecting all the node's children:

    var toSelect = !node.get_selected();

    if (toSelect)

     children.forEach(function(child) {
                    if (toSelect )

    This does indeed select all the nodes. The problem though, is that it does not show (they don't turn blue). So I was looking for a way to do this through the Telerik client side API, but failed. So I turned to Jquery:

    var tree = $find("rtCustomerGroups");
    var nodes = tree.get_nodes();

    nodes.forEach(function(node) {
    if (node.get_selected())

    The problem with this approach is that, while it works visually, the browser does not seem to like it - as it's complaining (sometimes) with a typeError saying addClass/removeClass aren't functions.

    This also breaks the javascript as the next line, calling the Ajax function, never gets run.

    This really bugs me, as the selection really works the way I want, including multi selection with ctrl click.

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    There are three duplicate posts, because I got an "error 500" after hitting submit, with no indication that the post had been submitted successfully.
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    You can use the generated classes to apply CSS styles to the selected items, you just need a stronger selector. For instance, the following rule would make the background of the selected items blue:
    html .RadTreeView .rtSelected .rtIn {
        background-color: blue;
        background-image: none;

    Ivan Danchev

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