I have this requirement, Is it possible with your controls?

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    I have this unusual requirement. I have a list of Products and Categories. A product can belong to multiple categories and vice versa. I want to allow the user to search for category using an autocomplete feature. At the same time, they should have the feature to have a drop down that will list all categories in a treeview (btw, the categories table is self referenced) and user can select by clicking on the treeview or have a checkbox.

    Now comes the difficuly part (for me atleast), I want the user to be able to filter a treeview as they type. i.e The treeview items must be filtered, basically displaying the autocomplete dropdown in a treeview.
    1. There are 2 options when you do this, one is either, make tree of the filtered items, i.e, if the parent item of a node exists in the filtered result as well, then make a tree
    2. Display the whole tree, even if the parent items are unrelavant, for every node that is found in the filtered result (but not the child nodes obviously)

    I can think of few hurdles for option 1, for example,
                            Above 250 GB

    Now in the category structure above, when you type "M", it is supposed to filter Memory and Master Above 250 GB, but Hardrive is the link, we could replace any missing links by "..." or something when we display.


    What do you think, is it possible to do it with your controls? Bascially, I want to use treeview inplace of the autocomplete and the filtered results must be display in treeview, if their parent nodes are available, OR display top most or all above nodes.

    Please help me out asap. If that feature is not available, may be you could build it. I have seen many people looking for this, but no exact solution is available anywhere.
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