How to open a radwindow programmitically?

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  1. Saad
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    Oct 2008

    Posted 15 Nov 2008 Link to this post

    I want to open a Radwindow in some event. I need to open window could i do this?
    For an example i`v taken a button and in its click event i want to do it....please help!
    Thank you Telerik
  2. Shinu
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    Posted 16 Nov 2008 Link to this post

    Hi Saadi,

    You can set the RadWindow properties from server side and can open the RadWindow. In order to achieve that, you have to add RadWindowManager in page and add the windows dynamically. Please try the below code snippet.


    <telerik:RadWindowManager ID="RadWindowManager1" runat="server"
        <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" onclick="Button1_Click" Text="Open Window" /> 

    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) 
            RadWindow newWindow = new RadWindow(); 
            newWindow.NavigateUrl = ""
            newWindow.Top = Unit.Pixel(22);
            newWindow.Left = Unit.Pixel(0); 

    You can also refer to these links for more information about this.
    Setting Server-Side Properties
    Setting RadWindow and RadWindowManager properties serverside


  3. fduverseau
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    Posted 09 Dec 2008 Link to this post


    I also need to do the same thing on the server-side because I need to run some code before opening the window.

    I've tried the above sample code but the window opens only after the second button click...

    How can I make the window open on the first click?

    BTW: Both controls are located inside an UpdatePanel control inside a MasterPage

    Thank you

  4. Svetlina Anati
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    Posted 09 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Hello Frantz,

    I am not quite sure what might be happening on your side until I examine your code. I prepared a sample demo project based on your explanations but everything is working as expected - the RadWindow is shown every time the button is clicked, including the very first time. Please, examine the test demo and in case your problem persists, please modify the demo in order to reproduce your problem, open a new support ticket and send it to us along with detailed reproduction instructions and explanations.

    Sincerely yours,
    the Telerik team

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  5. fduverseau
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    Posted 11 Dec 2008 Link to this post

    Hi Svetlina,

    I was missing this line of code:


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