how to hide RadTooltipManager just by clicking on the page?

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    I have a tooltip that includes a radtooltipupload control. I need to open the tooltip and have this opportunity to work on it and then click on the page to close it. I don't need manual close button either. I have changed the hide event to LeaveTooltip to get rid of the hide button but the problem is after opening the tooltip in the middle right position of an image when I want to go into tooltip and I move the mouse from the image into tooltip, the tooltip is disappearing. I want the toltip stay there that the user can upload a file and then when the user click somewhere else in the page tooltip closes. Would you please help me?
    P.S: ( I even increased hidedelay into 500 and even autocloseDelay into 0 but it didn't help)

    ​<telerik:RadToolTipManager runat="server" AnimationDuration="300" ID="DefaultRadToolTipManager" RelativeTo="Element"
    Animation="Slide" Position="MiddleRight" OnAjaxUpdate="OnAjaxUpdate" HideEvent="LeaveToolTip" >
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    Such a hide event is not available at the moment. We have had such an idea for a while and I exposed it in our feedback portal for your convenience. You can track it, leave your vote or comment here:

    You could:

    1. use the OnClientShow event to attach a handler to the body click event
    2. check if the mouse is over the tooltip (see the $telerik.isMouseOverElementEx() method from our static client library:
    3. you can get the currently active tooltip as shown here:
    4. use the OnClientHide event to remove the body handler if you like, to reduce the code executed on each user action
    5. set the HideEvent to FromCode so the tooltip does not hide automatically

    I would also like to note that when AJAX is used to fetch the tooltip content, those contents are inside an asp:UpdatePanel with UpdateMode=Conditional. To upload a file you need a full postback, so you would need to implement it yourself (e.g., by calling the __doPostBack() function).


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