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  1. Stuart Watton
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    Posted 30 Apr 2012 Link to this post

    I have a RadComboBox that I would like to have the following functionality:

    When you re-enter the text area of the box I would like the text to be automatically selected and when a character is typed for the text to be replaced with the typed character unless that character is the AutoCompleteSeperator (in my case a semicolon) in which case I would like it to append the semicolon to the text that was already there and the drop down to show all items again.

    I have it nearly working the combo box looks like this 
    <telerik:RadComboBox ID="rcbPartNumber" runat="server" TabIndex="7" Width="140px" BackColor="#F9D295"
    Skin="Vista" EmptyMessage="All" Font-Size="XX-Small" Height="140px" ShowMoreResultsBox="true"
    CausesValidation="false" AllowCustomText="true" MarkFirstMatch="true" ShowDropDownOnTextboxClick="true"
    OnClientFocus="ClientFocus" OnClientDropDownOpening="ClientFocus" OnClientKeyPressing="onClientDDLKeyPressing"
    EnableVirtualScrolling="true" EnableLoadOnDemand="true" AutoPostBack="true" AutoCompleteSeparator=";" />

    with the relevant code looking like this.
    function onClientDDLKeyPressing(sender, args) {
        var keycode = args.get_domEvent().keyCode;
        if ((keycode == 59) || (keycode == 186)) { //a semicolon - it has 2 possible keycodes
            var currText = sender.get_text();
            varinputBox = sender.get_inputDomElement();
            setCaretPosition(sender.get_inputDomElement(), currText.length) //if this isn't done then the typed semicolon appears at the start of the text rather than at the end
        if ((keycode == 8) || (keycode == 127)) { //a backspace or a delete
    function ClientFocus(sender, eventArgs) {
        var currText = sender.get_text();
        sender.selectText(0, currText.length);
        switch (sender._uniqueId.substr(sender._uniqueId.length - 13, sender._uniqueId.length - 1)) {
            case "rcbPartNumber":
                var hidPartNumJustGotFocus = document.getElementsByName('<%=hidPartNumJustGotFocus.uniqueId %>');
                hidPartNumJustGotFocus[0].value = "1";
    function setCaretPosition(elemId, caretPos) {
        var elem = document.getElementById(elemId);
        if (elem != null) {
            if (elem.createTextRange) {
                var range = elem.createTextRange();
                range.move('character', caretPos);
            else {
                if (elem.selectionStart) {
                    elem.setSelectionRange(caretPos, caretPos);

    the SetFocus definitely works as when I move the focus back to the textarea the current text is selected. however when a semicolon is typed the combo box seems to do an ajax callback as if I have pressed enter and leaves the combo box with the text that was there before the semicolon was typed.

    Any ideas as to what I am missing or have done wrong?
  2. Ivana
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    Posted 01 May 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Stuart,

    Could you take a look at the following online demo and decide whether it will be helpful for your scenario: It is not a load-on-demand scenario, but the RadComboBox behaves the same when load-on-demand is enabled.

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team
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