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  1. Jonathan Medley
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    I have a hierarchical grid built programatically on a user control. The user control is loaded dynamically into a content page. I need the user to select data from a combo box and then click a search button (combo box and button are on same user control as thr RadGrid). The button calls a web service which returns a DataSet containing DataTables which I then use as DataSources for my master/detail tables. The data coming back is okay and the grid displays the 'plus' symbols beside each row indicating there is detail data ready to expand, however, when I click the 'plus' the RadGrid disappears. I think the content page is doing a postback and reloading the user control thus resetting the user control to its original state. I can get the RadGrid to work by using just a plain aspx and doing all the RadGrid setup in the PageLoad and checking for IsPostBack == false. Any suggestions on how to retain the RadGrid when expanding the grid or what I'm missing?

  2. Vlad
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    Hello Jonathan,

    Most probably the grid is not recreated or is not bound on subsequent post-back event. Can you verify this using the debugger?

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  3. Princy
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    You can also have a look at the following demo link.
    Creating hierarchy programmatically

  4. Jonathan Medley
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    Posted 29 May 2008 Link to this post


    Yes that is what's happening - the grid is not being recreated. I dynamically load the ascx containing the grid into an aspx. The grid is populated from a button click event so I'm building the grid then, not in PageLoad or PageInit. The aspx containing the ascx does a postback, reloads the ascx and I assume since the grid was built after PageLoad/Init then it's not recreated. So, I'll try to define the grid structure either statically or in the PageLoad/Init.


    I've been able to reproduce that demo myself, however, my requirements are a little different. I need to use data in a combo box on the ascx as a parameter for my data source and to make things more fun I'm getting my data from a web service. So, I think I'll try building the grid structure statically and use an ObjectDataSource for each level of the grid that returns a DataSet or DataTable.

    Thanks Vlad and Princy for your help,
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