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    This isn't really a Telerik question...but I'm hoping that that maybe someone reading this forum has already been down this road and can help.  I'm trying to convert our mapping from Infragistics to Telerik.  We have several ESRI shape files that I'm trying to convert to json for use with the telerik mapping control.  I've found the jdal tool ogr2ogr.exe that performs the conversion.  The following command converts the schools.shp shape file to a schools.json file.

    ogr2ogr -f "GeoJSON" Schools.json Schools.shp

    The problem is that the shape files use a coordinate system other that latitude/ the conversion outputs a json file with ridiculous numbers for the latitude and longitude.  Apparently, there are supposed to be prj files that accompany the shape files that define the coordinate system used, but those are missing.  The ogr2ogr utility accepts command line parameters to perform coordinate system conversions.  And I have the markup (see below) that allowed the infragistics control to properly interpret the shape file I'm fairly sure it contains the critical information to allow the ogr2ogr utility to perform the conversion.  But so far my efforts to translate the infragistics markup into the appropriate ogr2ogr command line parameters have failed.  I'm hoping that someone with more experience in GIS will be able to help?

      <igMap:CoordinateSystem UnitType="FT" FalseEasting="1312335.958" FalseNorthing="0.0">
          <igMap:LambertConformalConic EllipsoidType="GRS1980" CentralMeridian="-120.5"
                StandardParallelNorth="43.0" StandardParallelSouth="45.5" LatitudeOrigin="41.75"/>
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    Hi Raymond,

    Since the translation tool and the original ESRI format are not related to Telerik products, I suggest trying to find proper help through the corresponding forums and public materials related to ESRI and org2org tool.


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