Difficult of find translate item in PagerStyle

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    Posted 09 Mar 2015 Link to this post

    I can not understand a dove to look for translate these labels (Image)
    in RadGridPager.

    This is the portion of class that used for translate other elements.

          radGrid.ClientSettings.ClientMessages.PagerTooltipFormatString = "Pagina <strong>{0}</strong> di <strong>{1}</strong>";
          radGrid.ClientSettings.ClientMessages.DragToGroupOrReorder = "";
          radGrid.ClientSettings.ClientMessages.DragToResize = "";
          radGrid.ClientSettings.ClientMessages.DropHereToReorder = "";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.PrevPageText = "";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.NextPageText = "";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.PagerTextFormat = "CAMBIA PAGINA {4}  PAGINA <strong>{0}</strong> DI <strong>{1}</strong>, ELEMENTO <strong>{2}</strong> DI <strong>{3}</strong> - ( TOTALE : <strong>{5}</strong> ) ";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.ShowPagerText = true;
          radGrid.PagerStyle.PageSizeLabelText = "ELEMENTI PER PAGINA";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.FirstPageToolTip = "Prima pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.GoToPageButtonToolTip = "Vai alla pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.GoToPageTextBoxToolTip = "Vai alla pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.FirstPageText = "Pagina:";     
          radGrid.PagerStyle.LastPageToolTip = "Ultima pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.ChangePageSizeComboBoxToolTip = "Cambia Pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.ChangePageSizeTextBoxToolTip = "Cambia Pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.ChangePageSizeComboBoxTableSummary = "CAMBIA PAGINA";               
          radGrid.PagerStyle.ChangePageSizeButtonToolTip = "Cambia Pagina";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.PrevPageToolTip = "Pagina precedente";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.PrevPagesToolTip = "Pagine precedenti";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.NextPageToolTip = "Pagina successiva";
          radGrid.PagerStyle.NextPagesToolTip = "Pagine successive";
          radGrid.MasterTableView.NoDetailRecordsText = "NESSUN ELEMENTO TROVATO";
          radGrid.MasterTableView.NoMasterRecordsText = "NESSUN ELEMENTO TROVATO";
          radGrid.MasterTableView.CommandItemSettings.RefreshText = " AGGIORNA LISTA";
          radGrid.SortingSettings.SortedAscToolTip = "Ordinato in modo crescente";
          radGrid.SortingSettings.SortedDescToolTip = "Ordinato in modo decrescente";
          radGrid.SortingSettings.SortToolTip = "CLICCARE PER ORDINARE";
          radGrid.GroupingSettings.ExpandTooltip = "Espandi gruppo";
          radGrid.GroupingSettings.CollapseTooltip = "Comprimi gruppo";
          radGrid.HierarchySettings.CollapseTooltip = "Comprimi";
          radGrid.HierarchySettings.ExpandTooltip = "Espandi";

  2. Kostadin
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    Posted 12 Mar 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Marco,

    To achieve your goal you can localize RadGrid using global resource files. Refer to the following demo which shows how built-in localization through Global resources works:
    Additionally you can review the following help article which elaborates more on this matter.


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