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Customizing RadFileExplorer when using RadDialogOpener

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John asked on 09 Sep 2014, 03:35 PM
We are using the RadDialogopener for image searches on the site. Having good luck with a customized ImageManager.ascx and code like the following. Added a number of display:none css classes to various portions of the replaced ascx to hide functionality we don't need.
imageManagerParameters = New FileManagerDialogParameters()
imageManagerParameters.ViewPaths = New String() {"~/userimages/fphimages"}
imageManagerParameters.UploadPaths = New String() {"~/userimages/fphimages"}
imageManagerParameters.MaxUploadFileSize = 800000
izmageManagerParameters.AllowMultipleSelection = False
Dim imageManager = New DialogDefinition(GetType(ImageManagerDialog), imageManagerParameters)
imageManager.ClientCallbackFunction = "fphScript.imageManagerHandler"
imageManager.Width = Unit.Pixel(780)
imageManager.Height = Unit.Pixel(500)
imageManager.Parameters("ExternalDialogsPath") = "~/EditorDialogsFPH/"

dialogOpener.DialogDefinitions.Add("ImageManager", imageManager)

However, we would also like to customize the RadFileExplorer portion of the dialog. Would like to customize image sizes larger than 32x32.  Would like to filter image searches in the thumbnail grid.  I've found a number of examples where a RadFileExplorer was included in the page source, and after finding the control on the page, they were able to modify its properties using code like...

Dim rfe = FindRadFileExplorer(Me.Page)
If Not rfe Is Nothing Then
     rfe.DisplayUpFolderItem = False
     rfe.EnableFilterTextBox = True
     rfe.EnableFilteringOnEnterPressed = True
End If

But since we are using RadDialogOpener outside of a RadEditor, and we have no RadFileExplorer in our markup as seen below. And so can't find the RadFileExplorer on the page as in code above.

<telerik:RadDialogOpener runat="server" ID="luImageDialogOpener"></telerik:RadDialogOpener>

How can I access the RadFileOpener used by this dialog in order to set properties like "EnableFilterTextBox"?    

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Telerik team
answered on 10 Sep 2014, 08:47 AM
Hello John,

The described approach to reconfigure the RadFileExplorer of the File Browser dialogs is explained in details in this Code Library

You will need to customize the built-in File Browser dialog of the RadEditor and add a custom User Control with which to handle the code behind. 


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