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    I am creating a custom skin at the moment and i am running into the following issue:

    I already skinned the Tabstrip control, and the RadWindow ( partially ).
    But when i open a RadWindow that contains a TabStrip my custom skin css are not included in the iframe that is rendered by the radwindow leaving it 'unstyled'

    I Attached a simple sample that shows my issue. To launch a RadWindow, press the hyperlink button in the editor.

  2. Rob
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    Posted 22 Aug 2013 Link to this post

    wasn't aware i couldn't attach zip files to posts. I created a ticket instead.
  3. Marin Bratanov
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    I have just answered your support ticket and I am pasting my response here for other people that may have the same query. If you have further questions or I have misunderstood I suggest we keep the discussion in the ticket and once a resolution is found you could post the answer here for the other members of the community.

    From what I can gather from the project you want the entire project to use the custom skin FGH that you are working on.
    I was not able to find a skin file that will set control properties, or the stylesheet declarations in the page or in the said skin file, so at this point I can only guess, but here is some information that, I believe, will help you advance:

    - you need to make sure the needed stylesheets are present on the page. I believe the skin file will do this in your actual project, yet I feel obliged to add it here
    - I believe you are referring to also skinning the built-in dialogs of the RadEditor. This is not just about skinning the RadWIndow that is their container
    - to skin a RadEditor you need to take more steps because it makes use of many other controls:
       = you need to have custom skins prepared for the controls inside the dialogs - e.g. tabStrip, Splitter, FileExplorer, etc., depending on the tools and dialogs you are going to use
       = prepare a stylesheet file that will import all necessary css files for the dialogs. Note that this must be a combination of all needed stylesheets for all dialogs
       = set the DialogsCssFile property of the Editor to that file so it is loaded in the RadWIndow's iframe so it will be available for the controls inside
       = the following resources may help in this regard:
          == - the general concept of creating a custom skin
          == - what is the DialogsCssFile property and how to use it
          == - a KB article with an example of its use. It may be a bit outdated because it was created a long time ago, but the general approach is still the same, only the controls list may need some tweaks

    Marin Bratanov
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