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Creating series from list datasource

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Chart (HTML5)
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David asked on 20 Nov 2014, 03:33 PM

I have a list of objects (a linq2sql query I convert to a list) that I want to use as a datasource for a RadHTMLChart. The data look like this:

Employee    WorkDay       Performance
Jane            2014-01-01    300
Jane            2014-01-02    287
John            2014-01-02    324
Jane            2014-01-03    151
John            2014-01-03    139

I want performance to be the Y Axis, WorkDay to be the X Axis and for the data to be grouped into series using the Employee name. I have read the help information and viewed all of the demos but I can't seem to get it right. If I pre-define the series in the aspx it works, but I can't seem to make it render correctly from just providing a data source.

Here is one of the attempts, where I am close, but the different series don't align to the x-axis.
Dim q = emp.BenchmarkForTask(50, 3, "12/1/13") ' This gets my data
       Dim lemp As String = ""
       lemp = ""
       chrtPerformanceNew.PlotArea.XAxis.Name = "Employee"
       chrtPerformanceNew.PlotArea.XAxis.DataLabelsField = "Employee"
       ' Load each series from the data:
       For Each tmp In q.OrderBy(Function(x) x.Employee)
           If lemp <> tmp.Employee Then
               Dim x As New Telerik.Web.UI.LineSeries
               x.Name = tmp.Employee
               x.DataFieldY = "Performance"
               x.LabelsAppearance.Visible = False
               x.TooltipsAppearance.DataFormatString = "{WorkDay} - YO!"
               x.LabelsAppearance.DataField = "WorkDay"
               lemp = tmp.Employee
           End If
       ' Load data into series. How to I set it to the correct X axis?
       For Each tmp In q.OrderBy(Function(x) x.WorkDay)
           Dim i As Integer = 0
           For i = 0 To chrtPerformanceNew.PlotArea.Series.Count - 1
               If chrtPerformanceNew.PlotArea.Series(i).Name = tmp.Employee Then
                   Dim ca As Telerik.Web.UI.LineSeries = chrtPerformanceNew.PlotArea.Series(i)
                   Dim si As New Telerik.Web.UI.SeriesItem
                   si.Name = tmp.WorkDay
                   si.TooltipValue = tmp.WorkDay & " -> " & tmp.Employee
                   si.YValue = tmp.Performance
               End If

The result looks like the attached chart. It's close but I don't see the x labels (Should show the date) and the data is therefore not aligned to the proper x axis.

Thanks for any help!

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Danail Vasilev
Telerik team
answered on 21 Nov 2014, 09:21 AM
Hello David,

You can find an example of a data source grouping in the Group RadHtmlChart Data Source code library.

Danail Vasilev

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Chart (HTML5)
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Danail Vasilev
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