Creating a RadScriptManager in cs

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  1. Yoongu
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    Posted 15 Oct 2014 Link to this post


    I have a question about RadScriptManager.

    When I create a RadScriptManager to use the RadAjaxManager,
    This works well if generated directly from the "aspx". 

    aspx :
        <form id="form1" runat="server">
        <telerik:RadScriptManager ID="RadScriptManager1" runat="server">
        <telerik:RadAjaxManager ID="RadAjaxManager1" runat="server" DefaultLoadingPanelID="RadAjaxLoadingPanel1">
                <telerik:AjaxSetting AjaxControlID="RadButton1">
                        <telerik:AjaxUpdatedControl ControlID="RadGrid1" UpdatePanelCssClass="" />
        <telerik:RadAjaxLoadingPanel ID="RadAjaxLoadingPanel1" runat="server"></telerik:RadAjaxLoadingPanel>
        <telerik:RadButton ID="RadButton1" runat="server" OnClick="RadButton1_Click" Text="RadButton">
        <asp:Panel ID="Panel1" runat="server">
            <telerik:RadGrid ID="RadGrid1" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" AllowAutomaticDeletes="True" AllowAutomaticInserts="True" AllowAutomaticUpdates="True" Culture="ko-KR" Skin="Metro">
                <MasterTableView ClientDataKeyNames="itemcd" AllowAutomaticDeletes="False" AllowAutomaticInserts="False" AllowAutomaticUpdates="False" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataKeyNames="itemcd" EditMode="Batch">
                        <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="itemcd" FilterControlAltText="Filter itemcd column" HeaderText="품목코드" ReadOnly="True" SortExpression="itemcd" UniqueName="itemcd">
        <ModelErrorMessage Text=""></ModelErrorMessage>
                        <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="itemnm" FilterControlAltText="Filter itemnm column" HeaderText="itemnm" SortExpression="itemnm" UniqueName="itemnm">
        <ModelErrorMessage Text=""></ModelErrorMessage>
                        <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="size" FilterControlAltText="Filter size column" HeaderText="size" SortExpression="size" UniqueName="size">
        <ModelErrorMessage Text=""></ModelErrorMessage>
                <ClientSettings AllowKeyboardNavigation="true">
                    <Selecting CellSelectionMode="MultiColumn"></Selecting>
                    <ClientEvents OnCellSelected="RadGrid1_OnCellSelected" OnCellDeselecting="RadGrid1_OnCellDeselecting" OnBatchEditCellValueChanging="RadGrid1_OnBatchEditCellValueChanging" />
        <asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:DaeMyungDB %>"
            SelectCommand="SELECT top 1000 itemcd, itemnm, size FROM biitm01t"

    However, I had to remove RadScriptManager from the aspx.
    Then, When I add in cs this, RadAjaxManager does not work.

            protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
                RadScriptManager scriptManager = new RadScriptManager();
            protected void RadButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    What did I do wrong?


  2. Radoslav
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    Posted 17 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Yoongu,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    To achieve the desired functionality you need to use following code snippet:
    protected RadScriptManager theManager;
        protected override void OnPreInit(EventArgs e)
            theManager = new RadScriptManager();
            Page.Items[typeof(ScriptManager)] = theManager;
        protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
            Page.Items[typeof(ScriptManager)] = null;
            this.Form.Controls.AddAt(0, theManager);

    Additionally I am sending you a simple example. Please check it out and let me know if it helps you.

    If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us again.


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  3. Yoongu
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    Posted 19 Oct 2014 in reply to Radoslav Link to this post

    Hi Radoslav,

    Your answer was very helpful for me.

    Thank you!
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