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    I have a website that allows users to select data variables and add them to a cart and have our process generate the data in the selected format.  If a large job is created with over 5,000 columns by 50,000 rows it takes a long time and the browser(Firefox 30) gives a timeout error.  Once the user clicks submit I execute a sas file that is generated based on the user selections.  This sas file runs on a linux server.  Once this is complete I create a text or pdf file explaining the data that was selected.  This is run on the web server.  

    1. What would be my best option to use to keep this connection alive past the 5 minutes without having to change any browser settings locally? 
    2. Can I have ajax send something every minute to the browser till the job is done? 
    3. Can i use a progress bar? 
    4. Can this be done without multi-threading?

    I inherited this website so i'm not sure how the version that is being used now doesn't time out.  I'm still looking into that but I want to use current technologies if possible.

    Thank you
  2. Maria Ilieva
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    Hi Jerry,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Based on the provided description for the required functionality I would suggest you to try using the RadProgressArea control.
    I would suggest you to review the online demo below:

    In this example you could revise the logic in the UpdateProgressContext() where you could add your logic for generating the data using processes and calculate the "TimeEstimated" for the progress aria based on your data. This way the progress aria will presents the time for the process on the client.

    Once the ProgessAria finishes you could hookup the "OnClientProgressBarUpdating
    " client event and check if the progressValue is 100% and make a manual call to get the generated files.

    Maria Ilieva

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