Cascading DropDowns in RadGrid using BatchEdit Mode

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    In the RadGrid i have setup there are columns for a Vehicle Make, Model, and Style, the desired effect would be to link the selected values between the three and have any models shown reflect the make chosen, and for styles they would conditionally show based off the model chosen (data filtering achieved through sql procedures) but my problem is (i'm using batch cell by cell editing by the way) is that i am unable to retrieve the selected values from "neighbor" dropdowns i'll call them, everywhere i have looked i see that to get the GridEditableItem it can be achievedby doing control "GridEditableItem edit = (GridEditableItem)controlX" but when i do that i get "Unable to cast object of type 'PanelNamingContainer' to type 'Telerik.Web.UI.GridEditableItem'", is there any way to innately bind a selected value to a dropdown from within the edititem template client side e.g. SelectedValue='<%# Bind("Make") %>', because that too blows up with the same listed error, at face value i have three dropdowns that need to communicate their values (in a reliable manor) to eachother for purposes of filtering their respective items.

    Please Advise
  2. Viktor Tachev
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    Hi Robert,

    Note that having related dropdown controls as editors in Batch Edit mode is not available out of the box for the RadGrid. In order to implement such functionality you would need a lot of custom code.

    There is a code-library that illustrates how you can add such feature for the control. However, have in mind that this is a custom solution. It is recommended to test in and ensure that it is working as expected in your scenario.

    Viktor Tachev
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