Best way to detect changes in RadGrid in batch edit mode.

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  1. Sabrina
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    What is the best way to detect if my RadGrid in batch edit mode has had any of its cells modified and has pending unsaved changes?  I understand how to detect and handle the "batchEdit" command being fired to say the grid is up to date, but I am not sure how to detect on the client that a cell was modified.  This is my first time using a RadGrid so excuse my inexperience but I didn't see this question asked elsewhere.
  2. Angel Petrov
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    Hi Sabrina,

    One way to determine whether a cell in the grid had changed its value is to subscribe to the OnBatchEditCellValueChanged event and raise a flag which value you can later check. Another option is to construct a method which to check for changes in the table view using the _extractChangesString method.

    function hasChanges() {
               var grid = $find('<%=RadGrid1.ClientID%>'),
                   batchManager = grid.get_batchEditingManager();
               return (batchManager._extractChangesString(grid.get_masterTableView()) === "") ? false : true;

    By following one of the above suggested approaches you should be able to verify whether the user has edited the data.

    Angel Petrov

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  3. gaurav
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    How can the same functionality be achieved in WPF? I tried looking at the WPF forums but unfortunately couldn't find anything that implements the above mentioned functionality. Perhaps, if it exists, can you point me to the right page/thread?

  4. Rumen
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    Hi Gaurav,

    Please post your Telerik UI for WPF related questions at the WPF related forums. You can refer the link to this thread too.

    Thank you for your understanding. 

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