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Attempt at Filtering FileExplorer

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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
Kurt Kluth
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Kurt Kluth asked on 05 Nov 2014, 04:00 PM
Trying to limit the results that are returned to a FileExplorer and it works sporadically and quite possibly we are missing something.  If a file exists for a Credit Union it will display as it should however if there isn't one found it will return all the records in that folder (which we do not want).  After it shows all the files if I click the refresh button within the FileExplorer it will then show there are no results.  There is only two possible outcomes:

if a file exists for that credit union, show the file
if does not exist, show no files
Public Shared iASI_Num As Integer
    Public Shared Property GetAsiNum() As Integer
            Return iASI_Num
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As Integer)
            iASI_Num = value
        End Set
    End Property
    Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
    End Sub
    Protected Function GetVisibleControls() As Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls
        Dim explorerControls As Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls = 0
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.AddressBox
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.Grid
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.ListView
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.Toolbar
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.TreeView
        explorerControls = explorerControls Or Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.ContextMenus
        Return explorerControls
    End Function
    Private Sub Page_PreRender(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.PreRender
        If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Session("ASI_Num")) Then
            If Session("asi_num") <> 0 Then
                iASI_Num = Session("ASI_Num")
                'set properties according to configuration panel
                FileExplorer1.Configuration.SearchPatterns = New String() {"*.pdf"}
                FileExplorer1.VisibleControls = GetVisibleControls()
                FileExplorer1.EnableOpenFile = True
                FileExplorer1.DisplayUpFolderItem = False
                FileExplorer1.AllowPaging = False
                FileExplorer1.EnableCreateNewFolder = False
                FileExplorer1.Configuration.AllowFileExtensionRename = False
                FileExplorer1.Upload.InitialFileInputsCount = 1
                FileExplorer1.Upload.MaxFileInputsCount = 1
                If (FileExplorer1.VisibleControls And Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.Grid) = 0 Then
                    FileExplorer1.ExplorerMode = Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerMode.Thumbnails
                End If
                If (FileExplorer1.VisibleControls And Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerControls.ListView) = 0 Then
                    FileExplorer1.ExplorerMode = Telerik.Web.UI.FileExplorer.FileExplorerMode.[Default]
                End If
                FileExplorer1.Configuration.UploadPaths = New String() {"~/PDF/ECPay"}
                FileExplorer1.Configuration.DeletePaths = New String() {"~/PDF/ECPay"}
                '#region assign-provider_vb
                FileExplorer1.Configuration.ContentProviderTypeName = GetType(ExtendedFileProvider).AssemblyQualifiedName
            End If
        End If
    End Sub
End Class
Public Class ExtendedFileProvider
    Inherits Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.FileSystemContentProvider
    Dim iAsi_Num As Integer = ECPayManagement.GetAsiNum
    'constructor must be present when overriding a base content provider class
    'you can leave it empty
    Public Sub New(ByVal context As HttpContext, ByVal searchPatterns As String(), ByVal viewPaths As String(), ByVal uploadPaths As String(), ByVal deletePaths As String(), ByVal selectedUrl As String, _
     ByVal selectedItemTag As String)
        MyBase.New(context, searchPatterns, viewPaths, uploadPaths, deletePaths, selectedUrl, _
    End Sub
    Public Overloads Overrides Function ResolveDirectory(ByVal path As String) As Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.DirectoryItem
        'get the directory information
        Dim baseDirectory As Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.DirectoryItem = MyBase.ResolveDirectory(path)
        'remove files that we do not want to see
        Dim files As New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.FileItem)()
        For Each file As Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.FileItem In baseDirectory.Files
            If IsFiltered(file.Name.ToString) Then
            End If
        Dim newDirectory As New Telerik.Web.UI.Widgets.DirectoryItem(baseDirectory.Name, baseDirectory.Location, baseDirectory.FullPath, baseDirectory.Tag, baseDirectory.Permissions, files.ToArray(), _
        'return the updated directory information
        Return newDirectory
    End Function
    Public Overrides Function StoreFile(file As Telerik.Web.UI.UploadedFile, path As String, name As String, ParamArray arguments As String()) As String
        Dim extension As String = name.Substring(name.LastIndexOf("."))
        name = iAsi_Num & extension 'put here your logic for getting the client id
        Return MyBase.StoreFile(file, path, name)
    End Function
    Private Function IsFiltered(name As String) As Boolean
        If name.ToString = CStr(iAsi_Num & ".pdf") Then
            Return True
        End If
        ' else
        Return False
    End Function

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Kurt Kluth
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answered on 10 Nov 2014, 02:00 PM
Any suggestions?
Telerik team
answered on 10 Nov 2014, 02:13 PM
Hi Kurt,

The experienced behavior is expected since the provided ResolveDirectory() implementation is listing all files in the folder, except for the current one. In order to achieve the desired by you functionality you will need to add the filtered files to the result filteredFiles collection:
Public Overrides Function ResolveDirectory(path As String) As DirectoryItem
    Dim originalFolder As DirectoryItem = MyBase.ResolveDirectory(path)
    Dim originalFiles As FileItem() = originalFolder.Files
    Dim filteredFiles As New List(Of FileItem)()
    ' Filter the files
    For Each originalFile As FileItem In originalFiles
        If Me.IsFiltered(originalFile.Name) Then
        End If
    Dim newFolder As New DirectoryItem(originalFolder.Name, originalFolder.Location, originalFolder.FullPath, originalFolder.Tag, originalFolder.Permissions, filteredFiles.ToArray(), _
    Return newFolder
End Function

The other thing you should pay attention to is that the Page_Load event is the latest moment of the page-lice-cycle where FileExplorer can be configured in order to function properly.


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Kurt Kluth
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Kurt Kluth
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