allowing different panels to be open according to session information

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    hi to give a brief description of how this would work...
    panel bar will start with all panels open,
    then as per user selection the panels will be open or closed as they browse the rest of te site...
    ie 5 different panels available, but only panels 12 and 4 are open.
    i think that this would be best worked through session information, but welcome ideas...

  2. Schlurk
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    I think the best way to do this if you are looking to storing something in Session you could just have an Array which represents your panels (0 = first panel, 1 = second etc.) which simply has a 0 or a 1 for expanded or not expanded. Then upon opening the page you check this array to see which panels need to be expanded or not. This might not be the most efficient way but it's better than attempting to store the entire RadPanelbar in session :). You can expand an item using the following syntax in the code-behind:

    RadPanelBar1.Items[0].Expanded = !RadPanelBar1.Items[0].Expanded; 

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