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    Posted 04 Aug 2014 Link to this post


    I am currently developing an ASP.NET website. On one of my pages I have a RadTabStrip on it with RadMultiPage and RadPageVIew's however I am struggling to complete a few aspects.

    Here is some sample code below.

    The main two things which I need to find out is a) what page event should I use when I programmatically want to change the page? b) As I will eventually be having some RadGrids in the code, is there a best practise when I should be filtering the data e.g. what page event location?

      <telerik:RadTabStrip runat="server" ID="RadTabStrip1" MultiPageID="RadMultiPage1" Skin="Metro" CssClass="customer1">
                          <telerik:RadTab Text="Tab1" Width="100px" Selected="true"></telerik:RadTab>
                          <telerik:RadTab Text="Tab2" Width="100px" ></telerik:RadTab>
                      <telerik:RadTab Text="Tab3" Width="100px" ></telerik:RadTab>
    <telerik:RadMultiPage runat="server" ID="RadMultiPage1" CssClass="customer1" SelectedIndex="0"> <%-- CssClass="outerMultiPage"--%>
          <telerik:RadPageView runat="server" ID="RadPageView1"  Selected="true" CssClass="customer1" >
              <p>Tab 1 info</p>
          <telerik:RadPageView runat="server" ID="RadPageView2"  Selected="true" CssClass="customer1" >
              <p>Tab 2 info</p>
          <telerik:RadPageView runat="server" ID="RadPageView3"  Selected="true" CssClass="customer1" >
              <p>Tab 3 info</p>

  2. Boyan Dimitrov
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    Posted 07 Aug 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Alex,

    Could you please elaborate a bit more on your scenario?

        1. Which page do you want to change? If you want to change the current page view we would need to know the current case. Under what circumstances you want to change the current page view - on click on a button and so on,

       2. What filtering you would like to perform. A bit more information about what you want to achieve will be very helpful.

    Boyan Dimitrov

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