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  1. Pravin
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    Aug 2011

    Posted 05 Aug 2011 Link to this post


    I have used teleric RadGrid inside the RadAjaxPanel somehow the pagination is NOT working. I'm NOT sure why it is working over the integration server. I have seen the versions of the dlls and both are same.
    Please let me know if you have any idea.

    Thanks in Advance, Pravin

    I'm using  following code-

    <telerik:RadAjaxPanel ID="RadAjaxPanel1" runat="server" >

    <telerik:RadGrid runat="server" ID="grdEmployee" Width="100%" DataSourceID="objEmpSource"
                    PageSize="5" EnableAjaxSkinRendering="true" AllowPaging="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
                    EnableEmbeddedSkins="false" OnItemDataBound="grdEmployeeItemDataBound">
                    <MasterTableView CommandItemDisplay="None" ShowHeader="false" DataSourceID="objEmpSource">
                            <telerik:GridBoundColumn DataField="Name" FilterControlAltText="Name"
                                HeaderText="Name" SortExpression="Name" UniqueName="Name">
                        <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrev" />
                    <FilterMenu EnableImageSprites="False">
                    <HeaderContextMenu CssClass="GridContextMenu GridContextMenu_WebBlue">

  2. Jayesh Goyani
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    Posted 05 Aug 2011 Link to this post


    Sorry by mistake....

    Jayesh Goyani
  3. Pravin
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    Aug 2011

    Posted 08 Aug 2011 Link to this post

    After analysis; I noticed that pagination is NOT working because we kept ViewStateCompression "ON". If the ViewStateCompression is "OFF" then it works fine :)

    Thank you guys...

  4. Siroos
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    Jan 2013

    Posted 16 Feb 2013 Link to this post

    i have Problem with RadGrid & AjaxPanel too .
    how to set ViewStateCompression = "OFF" ???? where i can set it off???
    plz help me 
  5. Uwe
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    Posted 18 Feb 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Siroos,

    you can to taste this:

    [RadCompressionSettings(StateCompression = CompressionType.None)]
    public partial class Default : System.Web.UI.Page

    This is the only what i found. ;-)


  6. Bhaskar
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    Oct 2018

    Posted 25 Oct 2018 Link to this post

    Hello Team,


    Radgrid paging is not working. It is working, when i click on page numbers. and when i click on"Next" arrow button it is not working properly. its working only for first click. below is the code snippet.


                                <telerik:RadGrid ID="radgrdDPP" runat="server" EnableEmbeddedSkins="false" 
                                    EnableEmbeddedBaseStylesheet="false" AllowAutomaticUpdates="True"
                                    AllowPaging="True" AllowSorting="True" PageSize="25" GridLines="None" OnPageSizeChanged="radgrdDPP_PageSizeChanged"
                                    OnPageIndexChanged="radgrdDPP_PageIndexChanged" OnItemDataBound="radgrdDPP_ItemDataBound">
                                    <PagerStyle Mode="NextPrevAndNumeric" Position="Top" />




  7. Marin Bratanov
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    Posted 25 Oct 2018 Link to this post

    Hello Bhaskar,

    Can you confirm that you are using either the NeedDataSource event of the grid to always provide it with the same data source, or a declarative data source: https://www.telerik.com/support/kb/aspnet-ajax/grid/details/how-to-bind-radgrid-properly-on-server-side? A next thing to look for are errors, either client-side (look for them in the browser console), or server side (see how to better see them here: https://www.telerik.com/support/kb/aspnet-ajax/ajaxmanager/details/how-to-disable-ajax-temporarily).

    Marin Bratanov
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